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Build the Strongest Bane Hero 2022, Skill 2 Enemy Auto Dead

One of Mobile Legends' fighter heroes is Bane. This hero is one of the heroes that has existed since the game was first released.

Bane has a lot of damage. In addition to having a lot of damage, Bane also has burst damage which is very good for dealing with Assassin type enemies. Bane has deadly skills, one of his skills restores blood and can be very defeated. This hero is also good to use as a jungler due to his thick blood and high resistance.

Of course, to make your hero sicker, you need to use proper build placement.

Bane skill description

Passive Skill

passive skill

Whenever Bane uses a skill, his next basic attack deals damage to surrounding enemies equal to 145%-180% of his total physical attack power.

  • skill 1

Club Claw Cannon

Skill 1 Bane fires a cannon in the specified direction, dealing 130 physical damage and 160% of his total physical attack power.

  • skill 2


Skill 2 Bane can restore his 10% of his lost HP, increase his movement speed by 50%, deal 180 magic damage and 180% of his total magic power.

  • Skill 3 (Ultimate)

Deadly Catch

Bane gives him 600 magic damage and 150% total magic power of 100% of his total physical attack power, causing an aerial effect for 0.4 seconds and a slow effect of 65% of his.

Recommended Build Bain Hearts

1. Demon Shoes

devil shoes-1-1280x591-1

+40 Movement SPD

+6 mana regeneration

Every time you kill an enemy hero or get an assist, restore his 10% of mana. Killing a minion restores 4% mana.

2. Clock of Destiny

Destiny Clock-1-1280x591-1

+60 Magic Power

+615 HP

+600 mana

Bane can add 25 HP and 4 Magic Attack every 2 seconds. Gain 5% magic attack power and 300 additional mana up to 12 times.

3. Lightning truncheon


+75 Magic Power

+300 mana

+10% cooldown reduction

The next bane skill bounces and deals 20-1000 magic damage.

4. Divine sword

Divine Grave-2-1280x591-1

+65 Magic Power

For each Magic Defense an opponent has, dealing damage to them increases Magic Penetration by 0.1% of his, but capped at 20% of his.

5. Holy crystal

Holy Crystal-6-1280x591-1

+100 Magic Power

Bane can increase Magic Attack by 21-35%.

6. Wings of Blood

Blood wings-3-1280x591-1

+150 Magic Power


Bane gains a Shield equal to 200% Magic Power. When destroyed, he also gains 30 shields.

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