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7 Tips for Playing NBA 2K22 You Should Know

After receiving a lot of criticism in the NBA 2K21 series, 2K improved every feature in NBA 2K22 to make it easier for basketball fans to enjoy. With better graphics, smoother gameplay, and improvements to the MyCareer mode, making this game is a crowd favorite. 

Improved several features in NBA 2K22, making the game more difficult and interesting. Players must stay alert during the game. Fortunately, in this article, you will be given some tips to play NBA 2K22 like a pro player. Read more!

Here are 7 tips for playing NBA 2K22

Learn how to jump shot properly

The foul mechanics have been slightly revamped in the NBA 2K22 series. Players may have a bit of a problem completing more jump shots or jump shots, as over time the game has been revamped almost to the original state.

The speed of the jump shot can be changed if the player has difficulty completing even one shot. It also depends on the experience and character of the player. However, if you have a lot of difficulties slow down the jump shot speed to 3/4 of the original.

Survival transition

Defending in transition is the most important aspect of the game, especially if players are piling up a lot in the middle of the field. When all players concentrate in the middle of the field, it makes it easier for opposing players to counterattack through open areas on the touchline.

Players must be in the correct position according to their respective tasks. Each point guard position, they will be in the center position of the field and assist in the transition. While players who have good shots must be in front and often shoot. 

Manage aspects of player life in MyCareer

In NBA 2K22, MyCareer mode has been improved like a true story, with lots of customization options. Players can reach the level of basketball superstars and even design their own homes to match their aesthetics. In addition, there is the option of investing in becoming an entrepreneur and understanding how to work with sponsors.

Players will have complete control over the lives of their characters and must ensure that the decisions they make on the pitch are not affected by decisions off the pitch. If not, the player may experience a career decline.

Players must spread out or open spaces

Make sure that every player who holds the ball, they must spread or opens space in order to become a solid team. If the point guard has possession of the ball and doesn't see his teammates spread out, it will reduce their options in the game. 

Maximizing each attack pattern, with more players opening up space, so that the opponent's concentration will be disturbed. That will make it easier to make points, by taking advantage of the opponent's mistakes.

Closing the opposing player's space

If a team is not carrying the ball, all team players must guard one opponent. Keep them very tight their movement, and do not leave any open space. With that, the opposing player holding the ball will feel confused because the space is limited. They will be pushed out of your defense area and make their own mistakes. 

Consciousness survives

Awareness of survival in NBA 2K22 is a must, as the defense mechanism has been changed from the previous one. Communication is key as players tend to let go of their area. Players must guard or block an opponent's attack while waiting for a teammate to fill another space. This will also make it possible to stop the opponent's attack.

Always monitor the progress of player ratings

Like other modern sports simulators, NBA 2K22 also has live updates. With this update, real-world rankings and statistics change based on real-world performance. This rating may drop when a player leaves the team or is injured. 

NBA 2K22 players must always monitor so that when playing they perform well. If you don't know, it will risk the team's game. Players with low ratings will often lose the ball and not maximize it.

Those are some tips for playing NBA 2K22. In the latest series, this game emphasizes more in the real form, so that players will feel the atmosphere of the match real.

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