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Tower Of Fantasy Player Utilizing Zero Skill For AFK Farm

There is a promising trick that utilizes a skill in Tower of Fantasy for AFK farms, this is used by players to get material mounts in the game.

Some players use the AFK Farm trick in the anime- style game Tower of Fantasy trying to get rare, drop items.

There are thoughts of a player trying to get around the system in the game which is now known as farm AFK, which is to take advantage of a skill and find a way to kill enemies repeatedly to get rare items using a passive effect that allows them to continue receiving item drops without needing to look or see. monitor the screen can be done with AFK " Away From Keyboard ". 

One of the special tricks uses the Tower of Fantasy Zero character, who has the ability to release balls that float around his body and deal damage to nearby enemies. Abilities can be set to automatically kill enemies that appear nearby, so we just have to stay where the monsters appear.


Farm afk is meant to try to get drop items, very rare materials needed to make SSR mounts like Monocros mounts and others. With this is rampant, causing groups of players to gather together in one place (farm place) and kill enemies slowly by themselves, hoping to collect rare components without having to play.

Farming AFK Zero can also be done for Honey gathering and others.

Farming Location

As for the location, this is around the Miners' Camp area, the farm uses Simulacrums ZERO when doing a jump dash, can issue orbs up to 5 stack orbs or particles (fireballs) and stay AFK. It is recommended to gather a full party that has Zero, Zero. The mob/monster will spawn every 2 minutes, and you only need to AFK.

It is said that the estimation of several players who have used this method to get it is around 6 hours, the time affects how many players farm in one place. If you don't have Zero, just join the afk party that has Zero.

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