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Tower Of Fantasy Has Rebirth Of Clemency Banner Bug Disappear

In the booming game Tower of Fantasy, some players experienced a bug in the special order Gacha Rebirth of Clemency disappeared and all players' Flame Gold tokens were converted back to Black Gold Bug on August 22nd.

Leaving players confused and buzzing about without prior notice due to a bug, the Rebirth of Clemency Banner disappeared from the Tower of Fantasy event without warning, and player-only Flame Gold tokens were turned into Hita tokens when players tried to spin a character's Nemesis SSR.

Normally, any currency in such an event, which is not used will be converted to Black Gold after the event is over. In this case, if you don't manage to save enough Flaming Gold to unlock the Nemesis SSR.

When players log into their account and find that the Nemesis banner has disappeared and any Flame Gold they have stored has magically disappeared and turned into Black Gold instead. 

This causes confusion and anger in the community, how can you not be angry, maybe some players will experience that when the token is not enough for Spin and soon they will get Nemesis SSR which is very rare, and the banner will disappear. Obviously, it causes players to be disappointed with the developer.

After widespread reports, this has finally been addressed and fortunately, Perfect World, is swiftly handling this, the developers behind the popular MMO TOF, yesterday released a statement outlining the matter and providing a compensation package for affected players, saying “ all wanderers” will receive 500 Dark Crystals, while players whose Flame Gold tokens and Overclocking chips have been converted back to Black Golds and Basic chips will receive an additional 300 Dark Crystals.

Dev Perfect World said “compensation will be sent to your mailbox within 2 hours after this issue is resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to this maintenance. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Any previously converted currency suffers from a bug because the system will revert based on its current value. At that time, it was discovered that other bugs occurred such as being unable to claim prizes, and prizes for starter accounts disappearing. Nemesis has been fixed, cheers to all friends who are working on SSR.

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