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Tower Of Fantasy: Claudia's Guren Blade Stats And Abilities

The new Simulacra which arrived after the update is now available for Claudia to own. After the big update Tower of Fantasy arrived, Claudia's simulacrum was released as part of the addition of a new Artificial Island island, and his signature weapon Guren Blade to make the package complete and strong.


Tower of Fantasy update is currently at version 1.5. Claudia is a strong SSR character that is worth considering having and adding to your team.

Gameplay Claudia

Claudia has a close-range playing style, with a very aggressive game that produces incredible damage per second (DPS). Especially when using Guren Blade's signature weapon, having mobility makes the enemy have little chance to counterattack.

Combat Strength :  272

Destroy :  7.50

Attack :  12.00

Attack / Attack :  16

Resistance / Resistance :  6

HP :  1165

Type: Physical/Physical

Physical attack and physical resistance will increase by 15% and 25%, respectively. To activate the effect, you need to equip two or more weapons with physical damage. It also works with weapons in off-hand slots. Effects cannot be stacked.

Skill Passive Guren Blade

Grievous weapon effect will deal damage equal to 137% of the attack with the next attack, and the target will be depressed for 7 seconds, receiving an additional 20% damage.

Guren Blade's Attack

  • First Strike deals damage equivalent to 59.2% of +2 attack power and knocks the target back at close range.
  • Second Strike deals damage equal to 82.9% of +3 attack, knocking the target backward at point-blank range.
  • Third Strike deals a massive amount of 75% damage from three attacks, knocking the target out at point blank range.
  • Fourth Strike deals 131.7% significant damage from +7 attacks, knocking the target backwards at point-blank range.
  • Fifth Attack deals 225% damage of your +11 Attack, knocking the target backwards at point-blank range.

Attack on the air

  1. First Attack: Deal 34.7% damage from +1 attack.
  2. Second attack: will deal 61.3% more damage than +3 attacks.
  3. Third Attack: deals an additional 145% damage from +8 attacks.
  4. Fourth Attack: deals 175.9% damage from +9 attacks, and causes knockdown.

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