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Tips for Playing Point Guard in Mycareer Mode NBA 2k17

Good morning bro, this time I will share about the game nba 2k17 in career mode with the point guard position, why this position because I play with the point guard position, well but before moving on, for those of you who don't know what game this is, the nba 2k18 game is a basketball game that you can play on your PC which in fact is a basketball game, now in that game you can.

Play like pro nba players who started their careers from scratch, now I'll give you tips and tricks bro scouting match

Tips and tricks for playing point guard in mycareer mode NBA 2k17

This is your initial journey into the NBA world, if you are going through a selection game that will determine what team you will be picked by in the next NBA season, in my opinion you are picked by any team it doesn't matter as long as you can maximize your game

2. Remember the task PG

Most amateur PGs will always be angry and will try to shoot as much as possible, but you have to read the current game, bro, if you don't want to shoot just as long as it doesn't enter because it will make your mentality in the game decrease, flow the ball and make good passes. qualified bro

3. Improve ability

Now this is important too, for you PGs, you have to understand what skills you have to improve, if you increase your agility and speed and 3pt, bro, because as a pointguard you have to be agile and have good handling skills so that you can get past people and also carry out important passes

4. Diligently doing steals

Is also important for point guards, bro, a reliable point guard is not only active in attacking, but you also have to be able to steal, try to always be dean with enemy violin holders and occasionally push him, don't let him move too freely bro if you can do steal and foul, bro, but you have to see the situation first, bro.

5. Switch teams

If you feel that you can play for a better team, then you should ask your manager to trade it, because the highest peak of playing NBA 2k18 is getting a trophy, bro, so don't hesitate to move, bro, here are

some tips and tricks from I hope that

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