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Tips for Not Blind Mini Map in Mobile Legends

One of the most fatal mistakes that Mobile Legends players often experience is map blindness. Map blindness is a term for players who don't pay attention to map conditions, can't see their own position, or enemy positions, and can't see teammates' positions.

Map blindness itself is one of the mistakes you should avoid when playing in Mobile Legends. So, so that you don't become a burden on the team, here we want to give you some tips so you don't go blind on the map in Mobile Legends.

Tips for Not Blind Map in Mobile Legends

1. Always Pay Attention to Mini Map

Tips so that you are not blind to the map in the game is to regularly pay attention to the mini-map. Don't let you not pay attention to the mini-map while playing.

Because by paying attention to the mini-map, it will be easy for you to detect the opponent's position and see the conditions around you. So you can avoid the opponent's gang or be used to kidnap the opponent's hero.

2. Set the Mini Map Position as Best As Possible

In order not to be blind to the map, the position of the mini-map in the game must be adjusted to a place where you can easily reach it.

You also set the size of the map through the Settings menu or Settings. That way, it will be easy for you to pay attention to the opponent's position through the mini-map.

3. Always Clear Wave Minions

If you use Offlaner hero or Goldlaner hero, don't forget to always clear wave minions first before you join a teamfight.

It aims so that your lane is not pushed by the opponent because it was abandoned by you. That way, the possibility of the enemy doing a split push will be difficult.

Well, those are some tips so you don't go blind when playing Mobile Legends. Please share with your friends who are still often blind to the map!

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