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The Latest Sakura School Simulator ID, 5-Storey Luxury House

If you're looking for the newest Sakura School Simulator ID, then you've come to the right place. Here you will find a lot of Sakura Simulator IDs, from 5-storey mansions to fairy houses.

Sakura School Simulator is a simulation game available on mobile devices. This game, which can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, allows players to become Japanese high school students.

Currently, Sakura School Simulator is one of the most popular mobile games. This is because players can do whatever they like. For example, finding new friends, working, making dream buildings, to visiting other players' worlds.

By visiting other players, you can see some of the buildings they have built. Furthermore, it can be used as a reference for your building.

This time I will share ID Sakura School Simulator's 5-storey luxury house and other interesting buildings. Here's the latest Sakura School Simulator ID.

ID Sakura Simulator Luxury House

5-storey luxury house : 10161529209120

5-story luxury house : 72163663693339

5-storey luxury house : 42162269916612

5-story luxury house : 24162500697044

Luxury house 4 floors : 72164589401651

Luxury house 4 floors : 8416 3232 3186 27

3 storey luxury house : 10164005436930

3 storey luxury house : 41163746744141

3 storey luxury house : 39165137578151

3 storey luxury house : 48163125441123

Luxury house 2 floors : 97164429432916

Luxury house near villa : 50161591735223

Luxury house in front of the garden : 78161591728622

Luxury house with swimming pool: 26162476598322


Waterpark 1 : 48161718836410

Waterpark 2 : 4816181132819

Waterpark 3 : 97161590675110

Waterpark 4 : 81161605990326

Waterboom 5: 23161586694724

Arena Squid Game

Arena Squid Game by Faras Rayyan : 87163270066210

Arena Squid Game by YT Gin Game: 42163279712631

Arena Squid Game by YT Gin Game 2: 42163281336535

Aesthetic House

Aesthetic purple little house: 66161599257521

Aesthetic flower shop house: 34161605419910

Aesthetic greenhouse: 81161617609820

Doraemon aesthetic pink house: 31161779702929

Aesthetic house 2 floors: 79161615756621

Minimalist aesthetic house: 85161571118367

Aesthetic Greenhouse 75161521239626

Ghost House

Horror haunted house: 78161763717515

Quarry Village haunted house: 42161665044721

Golden Cat Haunted House: 35161681698622

haunted house castle: 90161655622818


Fairy Palace: 86161865626313

Frozen majestic palace: 95161559580720

Pink-themed palace : 25161917001622

Cinderella & Prince's mega palace: 45161869972251

Barbie cute castle: 19161751373913

Cute Poneris : 48161543373122


Sevens Mall: 96161559562312

Pone Mall: 47161957422817

Mall 1: 3016148935769

Hanifah Mall : 7316167305514

Fairy House

Fairy Family House: 5916 1546 919511

Fairy House: 86161865626313

Cici's House: 10161613238819

Cute House: 62161554264610

House Farm: 2216 1837 2694 22

Simulator Villa

Villa Bali area: 95161881674410

Villa BTS : 43161856472316

Luxury Villa: 35161621089511

Dekorasi Villa aesthetic : 7516171572025

Villa Decoration: 78161846031014

Boy's Home Decoration

Boy and Girl Modern House by seven to six: 67161596710223

Home Decoration Boy by seven to six: 73161890190418

Boy's house by Aston gamers: 7716165895869

Boy's house by dew: 76161624836926

Rumah Boy by giggles gig: 4716177010169

Girl's Home Decoration

Girl's house by rezkichnl sss: 4916165789608

Girl's house by bubblegummy : 52161794642010

Rumah Girl by giggles gig: 78161692773021

Girl's house by icha kyuuranger : 1616161346612

Boy and Girl modern house by : seven to six 67161596710223

Ivana Blugs Girl's House : 90161991530116

How to Use ID Sakura School Simulator

  • Open the Sakura School Simulator game.
  • Go to Menu in the top left corner.
  • Select Props.
  • Then select Search by Props ID and enter the ID above and ok.
  • If the Search button doesn't exist yet, you can log in first. But if there is no account, you can press the Account Creation button and enter the name you want to use.
  • Then repeat the method starting from numbers 2-4.

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