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Terraria 1.4.4 There's A Major Change Overhaul To The Building

The game that has almost the same gameplay as Minecraft Terraria will have a major update in v1.4.4 that will make an overhaul of changes to buildings. 

Introduced for the Terraria 1.4.4 update Labor of Love will add a number of new items named Rubblemaker. Although we call it the same as Minecraft, Terraria has its own charm and it also appears in 2D with Pixel graphics.

Recently the Youtuber for Terraria Khaios has revealed a new Rubblemaker item that overhauls almost every kind of basic structure of all backgrounds and gives them access to what they want without having to fill a bunch of unnecessary items in the Bag. 

Maybe in your place, there are always rocks, bushes, and piles of bones to be found all over the neighborhood. Some objects will be destroyed when there is a pickaxe.

The Rubblemaker item is described as a new item, a device capable of placing previously unpickable decoration items that can be purchased from Goblin Tinkerer after raising your game status to the hard mode by defeating the Wall of Flesh. 

Equipped with Rubblemaker, you can build almost any background object from the collected resources. There's no requirement to collect them in advance or keep anything in the bag except the needed materials, and you can quickly destroy them to reclaim resources.

The Rubblemaker is a tool that allows the placement of surrounding objects (except stalactites and stalagmites). It can be purchased from Goblin Tinkerer in Hardmode.

Rubblemaker will consume items in the player's inventory to place different ambient objects. There are three size options: small (1×1), medium (2×1), and large (3×2), which can be recycled using. Types of surrounding objects can be recycled.

Ambient objects placed by players will drop the items consumed to place them when destroyed.

The following items can be used with Rubblemaker:

Bones, Cobwebs, Coins, Dirt, Magic Swords, Gems, Shining Mushrooms, Granite, Grass Seeds, Hell Stones, Ice, Forest Seeds, Forest Spores, Lihzahrd Brick, Marble, Sand, Sandstone, Snow, Rocks, Wood.

More than 200 different objects can be created, Khaios explains. You can place blocks on any surface, not just certain types as well which they naturally fit into.

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