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Steam Shares the First Series of Mafia Free Games

Gamers who are looking for original free games and want to reminisce should not miss the period 1-5 September 2022 on the Steam platform. Renowned publisher 2K announced that it will release free games as a moment to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Mafia franchise.


Not the latest series but 2K will share the first free Mafia series games that can be claimed and owned forever. However, the claim period only lasts on the aforementioned date.


Although this series is quite old because it was released for the PC platform in 2002, Mafia is considered as one of the competitors in the GTA game, more specifically GTA 3. Both of them offer the same gameplay.

The most obvious difference in terms of gameplay is that Mafia offers a gameplay that is tied to the story or narrative in it, but still provides an open-world permanent arena.


Another interesting thing is that the Mafia offers a setting in the 1930s when the United States was ruled by the mafia. 

So players will be presented with vehicle models, building styles, and others with classic themes according to that era.


In this story, the adventures of a taxi driver named Tommy Angelo are narrated by the criminal activities of the mafia. 

He began to get acquainted with the mafia family of the Salieri group, and slowly Tommy began to build his reputation as a respected member of the mafia.


Players are presented with a variety of criminal actions that are often carried out by the mafia at that time. 

The first Mafia game series is confirmed to be present in its original graphic quality, so the PC specifications to play it are not heavy.


For gamers who want the latest graphics quality from the first Mafia game series, they can consider buying the game Mafia: Definitive Edition which is a remake version.

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