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Mario Kart Tour Ready to Promote “Battle” Mode

Nintendo announced that Mario Kart Tour will remove the spin system. The abolition of this spin system will be carried out in the coming months.

Mario Kart Tour is a game adaptation of Mario Kart. So far, the Mario Kart Tour game has relied on the spin system to attract players' interest. Through this system, players can spend money to get their favorite characters or items in the game.

Unfortunately, the spin system in Mario Kart Tour is considered 'outrageous.' The reason is that not a few players complain that the spin system makes Mario Kart Tour so 'anything needs money.'

Well the good news, is Nintendo seems to have heard the complaints of players all this time. Reportedly soon Nintendo will remove the spin system in Mario Kart Tour. Nintendo will later replace it with a pipeline system with the Spotlight Shop.

In the Spotlight Shop, players can use rubies to get various items ( starting from karts, drivers, and gliders ) in the game. This ruby ​​can only be obtained by players by playing the game. Not by spending real money as usual.

With the abolition of the spin system, most elements of RNG-based games will automatically disappear. But the good news is, it will make Mario Kart Tou fairer and less money hungry. Apart from that, it will also make Mario Kart Tour a real racing game and not a spin game.

In addition, Nintendo is also ready to add a battle mode to the game. This new mode lets players race with balloons attached to everyone's karts. The main objective of this mode is to pop the balloons and protect your own balloons.

Not only that, but Nintendo will also remove Gold Races. Previously, this race could only be enjoyed by Gold Pass customers. Later, all races will be able to be participated by Mario Kart Tour players, and there is no need to pay a dime.

All of the above updates will be rolling out on October 5, 2022. The updates will be gradual and can reportedly take place over the coming months.

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