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List of Top Mobile Games to Play with Friends on iOS

Mobile games are considered one of the platforms that dominate the gaming market today. As you know, mobile games bring all the conveniences that can be played anywhere, are easy to carry, and have many choices of new games. 

And one of the popular game genres is party games. Well, today I will give you the top 5 mobile games that can be played with friends on iOS.

1. Among Us!

This is a popular party game that destroys friendships. For iOS users, this game is still interesting to play with friends. Although the prestige has started to decline, for me this game is still an interesting choice to play.

2. UNO

UNO! is a game that is similar to the real world, only this is in mobile form and is now very easy to play wherever GanSist is with the famous classic UNO rules. Have fun in real-time. There is a tournament mode for those of you who are confident in your luck and personal tactics. For those who like UNO, don't miss it.

3. Brawl Stars

Mobile games for fun, games can be played with friends in a 3v3 format that focuses on combat. There are many modes to choose from: single, duo, team, PvE, special PvP, and multiplayer battle royale modes. There are characters to collect and upgrade their various abilities. There are also special missions and challenging maps, bottom line this is another fun game to play.

4. Secret Neighbor

Mobile survival game from the Hello Neighbor spin-off. This game is divided into two factions. Some play as an intruder who must work together with teammates to unlock dungeons and solve various secrets. On the other hand, must guard this place and set traps to eliminate intruders.

5. Basketball Arena – Sports Game

Now, finally, there is a mobile game in the sports genre. This is a unique game that comes with multiplayer basketball control challenges. Coordinate between teams in different positions, unleash abilities, use special powers to score points, and defeat opponents. In addition, there is also a feature to challenge others in a real-time tournament format.

Those are the top 5 mobile games that you can play with friends on iOS. Which one do you think you will play?

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