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Latest Battle Royale Game Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Square Enix has just released some gameplay footage from the latest battle royale game, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier on Twitch. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is set to become a battle royale shooter game unlike any other.

At least because the game will feature monsters from the Final Fantasy universe. These beasts will roam in the map that can attack players at random.

The game is set in Midgar before the events of Final Fantasy VII. Players will play a prospective Soldier who must take advantage of all his abilities in order to survive.

In the short trailer shown, it appears that players will be able to use firearms, magic, to melee combos whether it uses kicks, punches to weapons such as swords.

Players can take advantage of almost all magic elements and special shields found in the world of Final Fantasy VII.

This power is also a defense option, for example issuing a shield to block incoming projectiles as well as offensive powers such as throwing fireballs and also summoning monsters to help in the fight.

Besides that, it looks like there are various support options set up. For example, players can heal teammates or create small cyclone traps that allow players to reach certain heights.

Judging from the trailer video that was released earlier, it seems that players can master three different spells at once, where each skill requires a different amount of MP.

Each skill also has a level on the side, although it's not really clear how to level up. Likewise, Square Enix has not stated how the skill is equipped.

Close combat will also be an impressive part when playing Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. There is also the more traditional long-range combat that is the hallmark of most battle royale games. The advantage that players get from melee attacks is certainly a movement that is not heard by the opponent.

Materia will also be presented in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. First introduced in the series in Final Fantasy VII, Materia is an item that allows characters to grow stronger and then gain new skills.

Even in The First Soldier series, Materia has almost the same features, increasing the character's magical abilities and making them more resilient.

The release date for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is yet to be confirmed, but players can sign up for Final Fantasy VII: the beta which will be held between June 1 and 7.

Square Enix only mentions that this game will be released for iOS and Android platforms in 2021 in an unknown month. However, considering it's a multiplayer game, there's a chance it will be released at a limited launch before being offered globally to test servers and get feedback from a lot of players.

As is often found in multiplayer mobile games, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is a free game to play on both iOS and Android.

However, Square Enix did not explain in detail what the In App Purchase mechanism in this game is.

Battle royale games generally offer a number of battle passes, allowing players to acquire various items to level up in one season.

Generally there are free and paid versions as a feature of In App Purchase. In addition, there may also be items that players can buy using game currency. It can be in the form of a skin for the character, a weapon or a power.

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