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Features of Survivor io Mod APK Latest Version 1.4.4

The famous studio Habby created the casual game Play as a valiant warrior against hordes of zombies. To defeat these animals, your only weapon is a gun, although you can also pick up crystals as you pass levels.

Renewed Sep 1, 2022

Compatible with Android 5.0+

Last version 1.4.4

Size 144.81 Mb

Category Adventure

Developer Hubby

Price Free

Google Play Link

MOD Unlimited money, gems

Buy new weapons to equip your character, or simply improve their performance. Your hero must run across the map while trying to avoid being killed by hordes of zombies during the gameplay. Bosses can be found on occasion. To access additional maps and modes, stay alive as long as possible. There will be no time wasted getting bored.

Habby is the creator of the newest video game, which has just become available. However, even though it is only available for a while, a large number of gamers have joined in for the fun. Especially on August 8th, the game is available on Google Play. More than 1 million players have downloaded the game in just one week, and there are many favorable player reviews.

Join the captivating fight for survival in Survivor io Mod APK to take on a sizeable army of zombies right now. You are forced to transform into a valiant hero who is willing to stand up and defend the tranquility of the city. You can use your weapons efficiently to eliminate all the enemies in front of you as a fighter with expert combat skills.

This exciting survival game from acclaimed developer Habby combines adventure gameplay with survival features. Although there will be many obstacles on your way, I can assure you that the battles in the game will not let you down. To play this exciting game, all you have to do is click the Survivor io Mod APK download button on this page.

Features of Survivor io Mod APK Latest Version

There are many aspects that make this game so popular and widely played by gamers. We will discuss it in full below.

Fight different varieties of zombies and monsters. Despite the simple gameplay, the types of zombies and monsters you encounter are not what you might expect. They have various sizes and offensive methods. Up to 1000 creatures are here for you to battle. You need to use more ammo to kill big enemies. They will keep moving and attacking as soon as they see you get rid of you as quickly as possible.

Avoid deadly zombie attacks. Due to the danger they produce, the attacks of these creatures must be used with caution. Also, you have to dodge little zombies running around. They relentlessly attack from four directions, preventing you from turning around in time. Watch out for monster attacks and warning zones. These creatures usually attack only within this area. You can move precisely and reduce monster attacks by paying attention to range.

The Roguelike ability allows unlimited combinations. With only one weapon, you cannot face the waves of the undead. Roguelike, an ability that allows you to combine multiple weapons at once, is therefore given to players on

Use more than one weapon. Depending on your needs, you can have up to three weapons at once. The ideal strategy for war is to use weapons aimed directly at the enemy. You can quickly increase your damage output and capacity to kill zombies with this combination skill. You can complete new levels quickly and more easily, helping you achieve your goals.

Stages of varying difficulty. It is impossible to play a single round with a predetermined type of zombie. Instead, this Survivor io Mod APK for Android provides a selection of rounds of varying difficulty. Depending on your level, there will be more zombies in each round. In addition, due to its greater vitality, it will take you longer to eliminate it. The number of roadblocks has also increased. This implies that the target at which your weapon is aimed will be divided. This will limit the zombie's ability to be targeted and killed properly. In addition, the number of points required to complete a level increases.

Lucky Train. You can get additional skills apart from completing levels by following the lucky train. This wheel is filled with useful tools and skills for your cause. First of all you will receive some free spins. You can use gold to try your luck once again and be awarded after using this round.

Survivor io Mod APK Download

On this page, we also provide Survivor io Mod APK 2022 where you can get the modified version of the official game. With this Survivor io Mod APK 2022 you will have features that you cannot find in the official application. Read more below.

Survivor io Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems. If you download this game on an official site like the Google Play Store you will not be able to get unlimited money and gems. But if you download this game here you can get Survivor io Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems.

No ads. Apart from unlimited money and gems, you can also enjoy this game without ads. Because we have disabled pop-up ads that are common in this game so you can play this game more freely.


Survivor io Mod APK is a fun game for everyone to play. The game is relaxed and does not require a complex strategy, making this latest version of Survivor io Mod APK much loved by people.

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