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Explanation of What is Macro and Micro in Mobile Legends

For Mobile Legends players, you must be familiar with the terms Macro and Micro, right? Or maybe you don't know what Macro and Micro are in Mobile Legends?

Well, if you don't know about the term, on this occasion we would like to tell you an explanation of what Macro and Micro are in Mobile Legends. So, take a good look!

What is Micro Mobile Legends?

The meaning of mastery here means that you know in full about the power hero, the right combination of skills, how to use it, the advantages, and the weaknesses of the hero you are using.

By mastering micro in Mobile Legends, you also know what potential heroes can be used to counter your opponent's heroes.

What is a Mobile Legends Macro?

If Micro is the ability to master heroes, then Macro is simply mastering the maps in Mobile Legends.

Players with high Macro skills have great abilities in reading the map, predicting the opponent's movements, the build arrangement that the opponent uses, to strong instincts to be able to do or avoid the opponent's gang.

One role that requires high Macro abilities is the Roamer role . A Roamer hero user must have a high Macro in order to easily rotate or inform other teammates regarding the opponent's condition.

That way, it will be easy for other teammates to dodge or attack the opponent.

Better Mastering Micro or Macro?

Having good Micro and Macro skills in Mobile Legends is indeed very important if you want to reach the highest rank in Mobile Legends.

Sometimes Macro skills also greatly affect our Micro abilities, for example when you use Fanny's hero.

In addition to having a Fast Hand, mastering Fanny's hero also requires very high Macro and Micro skills in order to maximize the potential of this hero.

Therefore, as a Mobile Legends player, it is important for you to master Micro and Macro in the game.

Well, that's a little explanation about what Macro and Micro are in Mobile Legends. Please share with your friends who don't know yet!

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