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Dynasty Warriors Game Officially Released Brings New Features

This mobile game is claimed to offer complete nostalgia compared to the console and PC versions of the game. Dynasty Warriors: Overlords provides a complete selection of characters by bringing together all the legendary generals or warlords from all the Dynasty Warriors game series.


The first time in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, this game introduces a new feature called Synergy Musou Skill. 

This feature provides the ability to combine Musou skills from several characters at once in one faction to produce a powerful attack combination.

Certain Generals have Karma with other Generals. Certain generals who activate Karma can unlock the Synergy Musou Skill. 

During battle, fill the Synergy bar to full, then tap the Skill bar to release the Synergy Musou Skill. The energy bar can be filled by defeating enemies. 


Dynasty Warriors: Overlords also provides online modes such as real-time PVP against other players for the first time in the history of the Dynasty Warriors series. 

In PVE mode there are many gameplays ranging from Join War, Strange Beast, Army Advisor Activities, Fighter Skills and Great Competitions.


In this game, players can also upgrade and customize their generals. These upgrades consist of level upgrades, star upgrades, unlock karma, Combat Souls, enhance and forge weapons, Signets, Skins, and Mounts. 


Each general is divided into three levels, namely, SSR, SR and R. They also have various advantages such as attack distance or skills needed in various scenarios and battlefields.


In order to welcome the launch of Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, VNG Indonesia also holds various in-game events with prizes that can be easily obtained, one of which is getting the legendary character Guan Yu after logging in for eight consecutive days. 

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