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Candace's Constellation and Talent Skills With Vision Hydro

Candace is one of the playable characters that will be present in the Genshin Impact update to version 3.1. Introduced by HoYoverse through its drip marketing on August 22, 2022, this new character from Sumeru has appeared in Genshin Impact Beta Test 3.1. 

Where there have been many leaks about the talent skills and constellations of the new character with the Hydro vision.

As the protector of Aaru Village, Candace is a true descendant of King Deshret. He received the blessing of the god who allowed him to summon a sandstorm. For those who broke the peace of Aaru Village, Candace made sure that they would never have the chance to harm the village again.

According to existing leaks, Candace will be a 4-star rarity character, a Polearm user with a Sub-DPS or Support role. With details of Skill Talent and Constellation are as follows:

Normal Attack – Gleaming Spear: Guardian Stance

  • Normal Attack

Fires up to 4 spear attacks in a row.

  • Charged Attack

Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to charge forward and inflict AoE DMG on enemies in the path of attack.

  • Plunge Attack

Crashes from the air to hit the ground, dealing DMG to enemies in the path of attack and dealing area DMG upon landing.

Elemental Skill – Sacred Rite: Heron’s Sanctum

Mode Tap

Breaks forward with his shield dealing Hydro DMG.

Mode Hold

Raise a shield to block enemy attacks in the area and create a shield that can absorb DMG based on Candace's Max HP, the shield also has a 250% protective effect against Hydro DMG. The shield will last until the Elemental Skill has been cast.

After being held for a while, Candace will finish recharging her energy, and when the skill button is released, the duration expires, or her shield is damaged, Candace will perform a jump attack and deal Hydro DMG against the enemy in front of her.

Elemental Burst – Sacred Rite: Wagtail’s Tide

Take up arms and seek divine protection, which will result in AoE Hydro DMG based on Candace's Max HP, also granting Crimson Crown status to all Characters in the party.

Crimson Crown has the following characteristics:

  1. When a Character's Normal Attack deals Elemental DMG, it will increase the damage dealt;
  2. When the Character enters the battlefield, it will cause a spotting wave that deals Hydro DMG to nearby enemies. The number of glowing waves that will trigger during the duration of this skill is limited;
  3. When active Characters who use Sword, Claymore, and Polearm weapons are in this status, they will get Hydro Infusion.

Konstelasi – Arrow Shield

Konstelasi 1: Returning Heir of the Scarlet Sands

  • Increases by 3 seconds the duration of Prayer of the Crimson Crown triggered by Sacred Rite: Wagtail's Tide.

Constellation 2: Moon – Piercing Brilliance

  • When Sacred Rite: Heron's Guard hits an enemy, it will increase Candace's Max HP by 20% for 15 seconds.

Constellation 3: Hunter's Supplication

  • Increases 3 levels of Sacred Rite: Wagtail's Tide. The maximum level is level 15.

Constellation 4: Sentinel Oath

  • Reduced CD from Hold Sacred Rite Mode: Heron's Guard, making it the same as CD Mode Tap

Constellation 5: Golden Eye

  • Increases 3 levels of Sacred Rite: Heron's Guard. The maximum level is level 15.

Constellation 6: The Overflow

When a Character (except Candace herself) affected by the Prayer of the Crimson Crown effect caused by Sacred Rite: Wagtail's Tide deals Elemental DMG to an opponent with a Normal Attack, it will release a wave attack from Wagtail's Tide.

This effect can be triggered every 2.3 seconds, and triggering this effect will not consume the basic Wave generated from the Prayer of the Crimson Crown.

Please note that the leaked talent skills and character constellation of Candace were obtained from Genshin Impact Beta Test 3.1, through trusted leakers Honey Impact and @genshinmains. For this reason, the explanation can change at any time, because it is still an unofficial translation.

Genshin Impact update version 3.1, is scheduled to arrive on September 28, 2022. The Vision Hydro character of the Polearm user has been confirmed to be present in banner 3.1, with Candace's upcoming banner phase unknown. Check out other interesting facts from Candace HERE.

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