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5 Tips for Playing in the MCL Mobile Legends Tournament, Auto Champion!

MCL (Mobile Legends Champions League) is a weekly tournament that all Mobile Legends players can participate in. In the MCL tournament, there are 8 teams that will try to win the game 3 times to qualify for the final round.

The losing team will be eliminated and will have to wait for next week to be able to re-enter this tournament. To take part in this tournament, each player must have a ticket in advance, you can buy it using diamonds, so make sure you have done the Mobile Legends diamond top up first.

The MCL tournament itself provides a variety of attractive prizes for the winning team. Well, if you want to win in the MCL tournament, here are some tips for playing in MCL Mobile Legends.

Tips for playing in MCL Mobile Legends

1. Make Sure the Internet Connection Is Smooth

The first tip for those of you who want to play MCL is to make sure the internet connection you are using. Because in online games like Mobile Legends, internet connection is very important.

Never enter MCL when the internet connection is lagging or unstable. Because it will definitely make your game a mess. Surely you don't want to play in a state of lag or even broken?

2. Maximize the Hero Ban as Best As Possible

When playing in MCL tournaments, of course there are hero bans such as rank mode. The only difference is that the tire mode in MCL is the same as the tire mode in MPL or MDL tournaments .

Well, it's during the ban phase that you have to maximize it as best you can to ban strong heroes that have the potential to be used by your opponent.

3. Pick Hero Overpower and Counter Hero Opponent

The next tip when playing in MCL tournaments is to pick heroes who are overpowered or pick heroes that can be used to counter opposing heroes.

For example, your team is in the second pick, and your opponent is in the first pick position, pay attention to the hero that your opponent picks first, then you and your team can make a plan to pick the opponent's hero counter.

4. Objective Focus

As we know, to win the game in Mobile Legends, you have to destroy the opponent's turret. Therefore, instead of having to kill as many opponents as possible, it's better to focus on the objective, namely the turret.

Don't let you and your team make a blunder if you look for too many kills against your opponent. In the end, instead of winning, the opposing team made an epic comeback.

You can also bring the fastest turret destroyer hero to reach the turret objective easily.

5. Don't Solo!

The last tip for those of you who want to win when playing in MCL tournaments is to play with teammates.

Even though you can play solo, it's good to play with friends. Because if you play solo, you can't know the skills of other members of your team before entering the game.

Lucky to have a teammate who understands how to play, but if not? Instead of winning, you might even get a defeat.

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