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5 Commanders with Unique Abilities in Magic Chess

In addition to the strong META Synergy , it turns out that the use of Commander also greatly affects the victory when playing in Magic Chess Mobile Legends.

Commander in Magic Chess is certainly equipped with great and unique skills that can help you achieve victory. 

Well, on this occasion, we would like to tell you some Commanders with unique abilities in Magic Chess. Want to know who? Come on, just read this article to the end.

The Most Unique Commander Recommendation in Magic Chess Mobile Legends

1. Benny

The Commander's recommendation with the first unique skill is Benny. You could say Benny is one of the Commanders with very great abilities.

He has 3 skills with different abilities. The following is an explanation of the skills possessed by Commander Benny:

Freezing Trap (Skill 1): Benny will place a Freezing Trap in the center on your side. If an opposing hero moves and passes the Freezing Trap, the hero will receive a Freeze effect for a few seconds.

King of Beasts (Skill 2): ​​After every Creep Round, Benny will summon the strongest Creep from the Round to join the team.

Hunter's Instinct (Skill 3): During preparation, a Copy Trap will be placed on your side which will add your Stock/Additional Stock Copy of enemy heroes moving towards it.

2. Connie

Connie is the recommendation of the next Commander who is equipped with unique and great skills. This commander is perfect for those of you who want to get synergy or a 3-star hero quickly.

If you don't have this Commander, you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first. Because to get Commander Magic Chess, you have to exchange a number of Battle Points or Diamonds. Well, Commander Connie himself is equipped with great skills such as:

Let's Play! (Skill 1): This skill can be used during the Preparation phase of each Round. Connie can choose a hero on the Chessboard and summon a random hero who has the same Synergy as him. This skill has a cooldown of 4 rounds.

I Want All of Them (Skill 2): ​​During the Fate Box Stage, after all Little Commanders have voted, Connie can choose one more time from the remaining heroes.

One More! (Skill 3): Every time you buy a hero, the purchased hero has the opportunity to immediately appear in the shop.

3. Saki

with the next unique ability Saki. Saki has a unique ability where she is able to summon a Flower into the arena.

With that ability, Saki can be very powerful in the game. The skills possessed by Saki include:

Stagnation Flower (Skill 1): Saki will summon a Stagnation Flower into the Chessboard. When a Stagnation Flower is eliminated, its petals drop to paralyze nearby enemies for 5 seconds. (Stagnation Flower cannot attack, Immune to Skill Damage and will be eliminated after receiving 5 attacks.)

Retribution Flower (Skill 2): ​​Saki will summon Retribution Flower into the Chessboard. When an enemy hero uses a skill, Retribution Flower deals 15% of his HP as Magic Damage. (Retribution Flower cannot attack, Immune to Skill Damage and will be eliminated after receiving 5 attacks.)

Blessing Flower (Skill 3): Saki summons a Blessing Flower into the Chessboard. After 12 seconds of the match, the Blessing Flower blooms to provide a Shield to nearby heroes equal to 25% of their Max HP. (Blessing Flower cannot attack, Immune to Skill Damage and will be eliminated after receiving 5 attacks.)

4. Dubi

Dubi is the next best Commander recommendation who has great and strong skills. He has the ability to summon a Fluffy that can explode and stun the opponent.

His ability is of course very useful in the game because it can make you win the battle. The skills possessed by Dubi include:

Dubi's Gift (Skill 1): Dubi gives you a special Equipment - Fluffy's Rage. This equipment can be installed on one of the heroes, Fluffy Rage will make the hero leave Fluffy every time their location changes. Fluffy will explode after 2 seconds and stun enemy heroes in the same row and column for 1.5 seconds.

Summon Fluffy (Skill 2): ​​Dubi summons 2 Fluffy to the Battlefield during the preparation stage. Fluffy will explode 2 seconds after the match starts, causing a Stun effect in the same row and column for 3 seconds. Dubi can summon an additional 1 Fluffy when capacity reaches 5/7/9. (Fluffy will Spawn in random locations and cannot be moved).

Awaken! Dubi's Wrath: Dubi awakens hidden powers once he reaches Level 5. When the capacity of a deployed hero is eliminated to half of the total capacity, Dubi will Summon a large number of Fluffy into the Battlefield. Fluffy will explode after 2 seconds, stunning enemy heroes in the same row and column for 5 seconds. (Number of Summoned Fluffy = half of number of deployed heroes + 2).

5. Ling

Ling is one of the new commanders in Magic Chess. This Commander can be said to come with very unique and powerful abilities.

With that ability, you could say Ling is one of the strongest Commanders at the moment. In fact, he is also often used to push rank in Magic Chess. The following is a brief explanation of Ling's skills.

Fortification (Skill 1): At the start of each Round, Ling creates a high Platform on a random square in the Battlefield. You can put the hero into the platform and make it Invincible, unlimited attack range, and recover 8 Mana on each Basic Attack. The effect lasts until the Platform is destroyed.

Showdown (Skill 2): ​​Ling selects two tiles in the Battlefield to create a Dueling Ring. You can put the Hero into the Dueling Ring. The opposing hero who is furthest from the Dueling Ring will be drawn into it at the beginning of each Round to duel with your hero in the Dueling Ring. During the duel, the two heroes gain additional attack speed and become immune to other heroes' attacks, but cannot use skills. The winner of this duel will rejoin the fight and gain an additional 30 Attacks (up to 15 Stacks).

Finch Altar (Skill 3): Ling transforms four tiles at a fixed location into Finch Altar. At the beginning of each round, if there are heroes at the Finch Altar, Ling will sacrifice them and summon Divine Finch which inherits 150% of their Attack and 20% of their HP. Divine Finch can deal enormous damage to all enemies. The sacrificed heroes will rejoin the fight and recover Mana when the Divine Finch is eliminated.

Well, those are some Commanders with unique abilities in Magic Chess Mobile Legends. Do you have your favorite Commander or not?

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