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Wuthering Waves Like New Details, Will Release on Mobile

As if being motivated by the great success of several open-world RPG games that quite exist on mobile, Kuro Game is currently actively developing its own ambitious project entitled Wuthering Waves. 

Not long after holding the first Technical Test session in China which managed to invite positive reactions, the developer team finally returned with new details to increase fans' enthusiasm.

They happen to have released a nearly two-minute-long trailer showing a cool gameplay demo. The trailer itself is arguably a compilation of initial content that has been developed so far, such as how you are shown the gameplay from the exploration session in the initial area, some of the characters that have been confirmed so far, as well as challenging hack and slash gameplay that also relies on a seamless combo system.

The game itself takes the setting of a world that has been on the verge of collapse for hundreds of years, where players will be brought back as "Rovers" to take on great adventures and bring new hope to mankind. 

Conceptually many players can see a clear resemblance to Genshin Impact which also takes inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but of course, there are many different touches, especially in the gameplay that is made more challenging like Punishing: Gray Raven.

Wuthering Waves has confirmed that it will be available for mobile (Android and iOS) when it is released. Although the PC version has been confirmed through the Technical Test access yesterday, there is a possibility that the release time will be different from the mobile version, especially from Kuro Game's confirmation of the potential availability of the game on more platforms.

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