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Tips to be good at using Bruno Mobile Legends, One kick to Death

Bruno is one of the strongest Marksman heroes in Mobile Legends who have extraordinary abilities. With his abilities, you can rely on Bruno to fill the team's Gold Lane position.

Well, if you want to learn to use this one hero, on this occasion we want to tell you tips on using Bruno Mobile Legends. So for those of you who want to know, just read this article until it's finished!

Tips to be good at using Bruno Mobile Legends

For those of you who want to learn to use Bruno, make sure you already have this hero. If not, you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first to be able to have it.

1. Understand the Skills He Has

The first tip for those of you who want to learn to use Bruno's hero is to understand all the skills he has. The skills possessed by Bruno include:

Mecha Legs (Passive): Every time Bruno's Skill deals damage, his Critical Chance will increase by 2%. Stackable up to 10 times. Because ("Mecha Legs") are infused with power, Bruno can deal more damage, but the additional Attack Speed ​​can only have an effect of 80%.

Volley Shot (Skill 1): Bruno infuses power into his Mecha Leg, Bruno's next Basic Attack will kick a Powerball directly and hit the target, dealing Physical Damage and slowing the target by 30% for 0.5 seconds. The Powerball can bounce back to Bruno when it hits the target. Bruno or his teammates can take the Energy Ball to reduce the Cooldown of the Flying Tackle skill by 1 and Bruno will have the Powerball back.

Flying Tackle (Skill 2): ​​Bruno Slides Tackle forward, dealing Physical Damage to enemies and stunning them for 0.5 seconds. If Bruno uses a Flying Tackle while a Powerball is bouncing at him, he will instantly retract the Powerball.

Wave of the World (Skill 3): Bruno kicks an energy ball at a designated enemy Hero, dealing Physical Damage, causing a Knockback effect, and reducing their Physical Defense by 4% for 8 seconds (up to 3 Stacks). After that, the energy ball will bounce between enemies, dealing Physical Damage (up to 10 times).

2. Take advantage of the Volley Shot Skill

One of the skills that you can use when using Bruno is Volley Shot. As previously explained, this skill can increase Physical Damage on the next Basic Attack.

Another advantage of this skill is that the ball kicked by Bruno can be taken back, and the effect of this skill will continue as long as Bruno takes the ball or until the time duration is over.

3. Keep your distance

When using the Marksman hero , keeping your distance is a must. Because one thing you should know, Marksman heroes are very vulnerable to enemy attacks, including Bruno.

Therefore, you must keep your distance from your opponent's reach so you can attack your opponent freely.

4. Use the Wave of the World Skill During War

You can rely on Bruno's Wave of the World (Skill 3) skill when there is a war or teamfight. With the skill of using the Wave of the World skill during a War or teamfight, it will increase the damage produced by Bruno.

5. Use Build Bruno Hurt

The last tip for those of you who want to learn to use Bruno's hero is to use the sick Bruno build.

The use of the right build can of course increase the damage produced by Bruno. Therefore, you must know what build item is right for this Marksman hero.

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