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Tips for being good at using Masha Mobile Legends

One of the Fighter heroes who has great abilities is Masha. Masha has a unique skill that makes her have 3 HP bars and can increase her abilities.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss tips on using Masha Mobile Legends that you can apply when using this strongest Fighter hero. So, instead of taking a long time, just read this article to the end!

Tips for being good at using Masha Mobile Legends

If you don't have Masha's hero yet, you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first. Because to get this hero you need to exchange it for a number of diamonds or Battle Points.

1. Understand All the Skills He Has

To be able to use this hero, then you need to first understand the skills possessed by Masha. The following is an explanation of Masha's skills:

Ancient Strength (Passive): Blessed by the Bear King, Masha has 3 HP Bars and will not be eliminated until the last HP Bar runs out. He can also ignore the damage from the opponent's attack when every time he loses 1 HP Bar. Masha gains an additional 1.8% Attack Speed ​​every time she loses 1% HP (calculated from the total HP of 3 HP Bars). Masha gains an additional 25% Physical Lifesteal when she loses the first HP Bar and 15% Physical Lifesteal and 60% Resilience when she loses the second HP Bar. Masha recovers 3 Energy each time she deals damage to an enemy Hero or Creep (1 when she deals damage to a Minion).

Wild Power (Skill 1): Masha awakens her Wild Power, where she gains an additional 30% Movement Speed ​​and deals additional Physical Damage for each Basic Attack (30% only against Minions and Turrets). Masha loses 4% Max HP every 0.5 seconds (counts for 1 Bar HP).

Howl Shock (Skill 2): ​​Masha roars forward and releases Energy Shock at the target, dealing Physical Damage and slowing them down by 40%. Lasts for 2 seconds. If he hits the enemy Hero, he can Disarm the hit Hero for 2 seconds. If the opponent takes the weapon directly, it can end the Disarm effect.

Thunderclap (Skill 3): Masha uses 50% of her current HP to charge towards the target (Masha becomes immune to Crowd Control effects during this duration) and unleashes Thunderclap, dealing Physical Damage equal to 300 (+30% Additional HP) ) and slow them down by 90% for 1 second. Masha gains 30% Damage Reduction for the next 3 seconds.

Life Recovery (Skill 4): Masha uses all her Energy to recover 1 HP Bar (cannot be used during battle). Only recovers lost HP at 3 HP Bars.

2. Activate Wild Power

Masha's Wild Power (Skill 1) skill allows her to increase Movement Speed ​​and Attack Speed.

Well, you can take advantage of these skills when attacking your opponent or even just doing a rotation to do a push turret.

3. Attack Opponents from Behind

When using Masha's hero, it is not recommended for you to fight directly during a war or teamfight.

Because even though Masha has 3 HP bars, this hero is weak and easy to kill by opponents.

Therefore, when using Masha, it is better to attack the opponent from behind when they have issued their skills. Hero Mage and the opponent's Marksman hero are one of the heroes that Masha must be targeting.

4. Push Turret

Masha is one of the fastest Push Turret heroes in Mobile Legends.

Compared to having to fight, this hero is more suitable if used to do a push turret.

High Attack Speed ​​and being able to get additional Movement Speed ​​from her skills allow Masha to destroy the turret quickly.

5. Use the Right Masha Build

The next tip when you use this hero is to use the strongest Masha build .

Because using the right build of Masha, it will make the attacks of this hero even more deadly.

Well, those are some tips for using the best Masha Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

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