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The Advantages of They Are Coming Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gold

Making the right choice in quick time for a number of characters who keep running towards the end point is now a trend in various arcade games. There are various variations of this kind of game and more and more people are playing it because of the simple but challenging gameplay.

RenewedAug 18, 2022

Compatible with Android 4.4+

Last version2.7.20

Size77.10 Mb


DeveloperRollic Games


Google Play Link

MODUnlimited money, gold

A game that combines elements of endless running, arcades, as well as fighting the number and quality of the crowd into the theme brought in They Are Coming. In this game you guide a number of characters who walk backwards towards the finish line.

This racing game developed by Turkish developer Rollic Games is quite popular and has been installed more than 10 million times on Google Play. The size of this game is only 58 MB, not heavy for a potato specification cellphone.

To play They Are Coming, you must have a device with Android version 4.4 and above. With simple graphics and far from complicated gameplay, this game deserves a content rating of all ages. There's a bit of fantasy violence here though.

The original version of this racing game contains a lot of ads and offers a number of in-game purchases. But you can choose to keep playing to get lots of bonuses or download They Are Coming Mod APK which has a number of advantages over the standard one.

The point of this game is that you keep moving from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen, aka running backwards. The number and strength of the characters you play can increase or decrease as the choices you make along the way.

To complete each level you must win the battle at the finish line. Make sure you always choose power-ups or items that will increase the quantity or quality of your character. Avoid traps or anything that can reduce the number of characters you lead.

Run Fast Towards the Finish Line While Strengthening the Team

Gamers who like instant challenges and can respond quickly and strategically to win, of course, have to experience this exciting game for themselves. Whether what you play is the original version or the They Are Coming Mod APK download, the excitement you get is almost the same.

In a game that is no less exciting than the fighting or shooting genre, the number and strength of the team is at the core. You will face many different levels with different challenges and full of surprises. Your ability to think quickly and respond strategically in an instant is the key to victory.

The character you control will run backwards without stopping. On your short journey to the finish line there will be weapons, boosters, traps, and enemies that keep chasing you and their numbers grow. At whatever level you are, don't run out in the middle of the road.

Just like your team, the enemy team also runs towards your characters. Often some of them are larger, this indicates that the character is more powerful than your average character. You can only beat them if you have more of them.

Various Features They Are Coming

If you feel ready to play this challenging backwards run game, you can immediately install They Are Coming Mod APK 2022. The modified version has advantages over the original, but the features are exactly the same because they are actually the same game.

What are the features that you can enjoy here, see the following:

A combination of running, gaining strength, and fighting

The fun and excitement that They Are Coming provides comes from the unique combination of endless running games, obstacle avoidance, hunting for power-ups and boosters, and ongoing battles.

You will find many situations that test your ability to make quick choices that determine win or lose instantly. Every choice and even movement you make will have an effect on the final result.

In each level you have only one goal, to defeat the enemy in the final line of defense. But on the way, both your team and the enemy team will increase and decrease dynamically according to the course of the game.

Watch the game screen carefully, because sometimes there are options that can reduce your number or increase it a little. You should always choose the most significant in increasing the number. You also shouldn't miss a weapon as this will make you stronger.

Many levels waiting to be conquered

No need to worry about the number of levels because you will be busy racking your brain to win instead of running out of levels. Each level is unique and has its own bonuses and power-ups. Keep your eyes open so you don't miss a chance to win.

Simple but purposeful graphics

Of course, They Are Coming Mod APK Android doesn't need fancy graphics because the focus is not on the glittering details, but rather on the goal of the game. Even the characters you play are designed simply. But therein lies its strength.

You are guaranteed to have no trouble distinguishing friends, foes, neutral traps, power-ups, and increasing or decreasing numbers.

The Advantages of They Are Coming Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gold

Game mods have advantages that benefit you from the start of the game, namely large amounts of money. You can use it to perform various upgrades that usually can only be obtained by playing the game for a long time.

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