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Recommended Strongest Assassin Hero that is Hard to Catch

Hero Assassin is one of the roles in Mobile Legends that has extraordinary abilities. Usually Assassin heroes are equipped with sick damage, but have a fairly thin HP.

To overcome their thin HP, usually Assassin heroes are equipped with excellent escape abilities so that they can finish off one of the enemies quickly and run away before the opposing members know it.

There are some of the strongest Assassin heroes who have the best escape skills that make it difficult for opponents to catch. Want to know who? Read this article to the end!

Recommended Strongest Assassin Hero that is Hard to Catch

1. Ling

Ling is the recommendation of the first strongest Assassin hero who has quite unique abilities. This hero has an ability that allows him to move over the walls in the Mobile Legends map.

With that ability, of course, it will be difficult for the enemy to catch him. Ling is also one of the best Jungler heroes in Mobile Legends , which makes him able to bring the team to victory.

For those of you who don't have this hero, you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first. Because to get Ling you need to buy it using Battle Points or Diamonds.

2. Fanny

When it comes to agile heroes , Fanny is definitely on the list. With the help of her Steel Cable skill, Fanny can move here and there very quickly.

Indeed, the use of this hero is also quite difficult, but if you know the tips for using Fanny , it will be easy for you to learn it.

3. Lancelot

Lancelot is the next Assassin hero who has agile abilities in the game. Especially since Lancelot's Puncture skill gets a revamp, it's easier for Lancelot to enter and exit the battle safely.

Lancelot's Thorned Rose skill also makes him immune to the effects of the opponent's Crowd Control. Making it even more difficult to catch by his opponents.

With the support of the sick Lancelot builds, it will make it easier for this Assassin hero to finish off his opponents.

4. Hayabusa

Hayabusa has the skill Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow which makes it difficult for opponents to catch. Moreover, Hayabusa is also one of the fastest split push heroes in Mobile Legends .

With the ability it has, Hayabusa can be your choice in the game. But you also have to know the best Hayabusa build , in order to maximize the abilities of this Assassin hero.

5. Aamon

Aamon is one of the newest Assassin heroes who has a unique ability where he can camouflage and make him unable to be attacked by opponents.

With the ability he has, Aamon is quite difficult to catch by the opponent. Especially if you know tips on using Aamon , then this hero can be a very deadly hero.

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