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Recommended Best Free Fire Characters for Solo Rank

After resetting the Season in last month's patch update, Free Fire has officially started a new season, Season 28. Interestingly, the presence of Season 28 has brought a number of adjustments, especially for some of the best characters in Push Rank Season 28.

To be the best in Ranked mode, players must apply the right strategy to win the match and also use the best characters with skill abilities that can support players when facing many enemies.

Well, on this occasion, we want to tell you some of the best characters before doing Push Rank Season 28. What do you want to know? Come on, just take a look at the following article reviews.

Recommended Best Free Fire Characters for Solo Rank Season 28

1. Iris

The best character to push the first Season 28 Solo Rank is Iris. Iris is the newest character in the current season who has a very deadly skill for her opponent.

This Iris character has the ability to mark the enemy when Iris deals damage or attacks a Gloo Wall that has been created by the enemy. In addition, Iris also has a skill that can inflict damage on her opponent who curses behind the Gloo Wall.

2. Skyler

The best character to do the next Season 28 Push Rank is Skyler. Skyler's character has powerful abilities. The active skill ability (Riptide Rhythm) of Skyler's character can release sonic waves that can destroy an enemy Gloo Wall.

In addition, Skyler also has an ability that can restore his HP when Skyler installs Gloo Wall. So don't be surprised if Skyler is the right choice when using push solo ranked season at this time.

3. Kenta

The best character to push the next Season 28 Solo Rank is Kenta. Kenta is a character who is told as a guard for Hayato's character who has extraordinary skills when used.

Kenta's ability can form a shield with a width of 5 meters that can reduce damage from opponents by 65%. That way, it is very appropriate if Kenta is used when solo push is ranked in the current 28 Free Fire season.

4. Wukong

The best character to do the last Push Solo Rank Season 28 is Wukong. The Wukong character has the ability (Camouflage) that can turn into a bush and can reduce movement speed by 10%.

In addition, when Wukong turns into a bush, the enemy will find it difficult to find Wukong's whereabouts and will be difficult to shoot.

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