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How to Restore a Lost Free Fire Guest Account 2022

Playing games will make our mood go up instantly, especially if the game being played is a favorite game. There are many types or genres of games that can be played today. One of the most popular game genres is the Battle Royale game. In the game the player will control the character and must be able to survive until the end of the game. In addition to survival, the player must also kill the enemies he encounters using the weapons he has.

There are many choices of exciting Battle Royale games to play, be it on PC, console, or mobile platforms. For you lovers of android games, there is one decent Battle Royale game to play, namely the FF game or Free Fire. 

In this game there will be 50 players who are placed on one island and they must be able to survive. Players must choose between fighting or hiding from the opponent's pursuit. If you manage to be the last one alive, then the player will get a Chicken Dinner.

You can play the Free Fire game itself for free on Android devices. You just need to install it via Google Playstore, then create a FF main account. In addition to the main account, you can also create a Guest or Guest account as a prefix to play the Free Fire game. 

Under certain conditions, the Guest Free Fire account that you have is lost or deleted. So, can the deleted Guest account still be restored? If possible, how to restore the lost FF Guest account? You can read more information below!

What is a Free Fire Guest Account?

Some of you may still not know what a Guest account or Guest account is in the Free Fire game. The Free Fire Guest Account is a temporary account that is usually used by new players who want to try playing the Free Fire game. Because it is temporary, the Guest account data can be deleted easily.

The Guest account itself is different from the Free Fire Main account, where statistical records on the Guest account will not be accumulated like in the main account. This is like a Demo account provided by Garena as an experiment for gamers who are installing the Free Fire game for the first time.

Causes of Lost or Deleted Free Fire Guest Accounts

As explained above, because this is a temporary type of account, the data in it may be lost. The loss of the Free Fire Guest account data itself can be intentional or unintentional. To be sure, the lost Guest account can still be returned to the account.

There are several causes that are a factor in the loss or deletion of the FF Guest account, including:

Delete game data. Those of you who delete data on the Free Fire game, this will automatically delete the Guest account in it. Deleting data is usually done through the Settings menu >> Applications >> Free Fire Games >> Storage >> Clear Data.

Reinstall the game. Maybe it's because of a game error or something else so you delete the Free Fire game from your android device. Then reinstall the game via Google Playstore. This will also cause the Free Fire Guest or Guest account data to be lost.

Log out of game account. And the last cause is logging out of the Free Fire game account that you have, both the Main account and the Guest account.

Conditions for Recovering a Lost FF Guest Account

There are several requirements that you must meet in order to restore Guest account data in the lost or deleted Free Fire game. Without these conditions, of course, the account will not be able to be returned again. The requirements to restore the lost Free Fire Guest account include:

Player ID akun Guest Free Fire.

Nickname akun Free Fire.

Free Fire Main account screenshot.

Internet connection.


After some of the requirements above are met, now you can continue to restore the lost Guest account in the Free Fire android game.

How to Restore a Lost FF Guest Account

How to restore a lost Guest account may be impossible according to some users. Even though with a special trick you can easily restore the lost Guest account. There is one way you can do that is by sending a support ticket to Garena Free Fire via the Support page provided.

For the complete steps to restore a lost FF Guest account, as follows:

The first step is to open the browser on your Android phone.

Then visit the official Garena website , then go to the Support Page . Or more easily by clicking on THIS LINK .

On the Garena Player Support page, you select the E-mail menu or the E-mail logo .

Then log in to the account that is connected to Garena, be it a Facebook account associated with a FF account, a Garena account or a VK account.

If you have successfully entered, then you click on the Select Game option . Then select the Free Fire game .

Next on the Select Category menu , you select the Account option.

While on the Select Sub Category menu , you select the Miscellaneous option .

On the page that is displayed, now you fill in the fields according to the instructions given. Starting from the Guest Account Player ID, Nickname, to the problems you are experiencing. In this case it is to restore a deleted or lost Guest account.

Next, you also upload a screenshot of the FF account that was prepared earlier.

If you have, now you click the Submit button .

Requests for a Guest FF account refund will be processed and will usually take quite a while, around 1 week or faster. To see the status of your application, you can go to the Ticket List menu at the top.



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