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Tips to be an Impostor in Super Sus so you don't get caught

Being an impostor is certainly a challenge in itself, apart from having to disguise yourself so you don't get caught. An impostor must know when the time is right to kill another space crew.

Here are some tips that you can use when you become an impostor:

1. Study the Map

The first and most important thing when you become an impostor is to study the map, so you can move more freely. If you are an impostor, you can pretend to fix a broken machine, then go to another room and do nothing there.

This is done so that your identity is not known to other players, so they will think that you are a space crew. Take a good look at the map and see which tools can feign repairs. This is the importance of memorizing maps for an impostor.

2. Watch the Camera

Pay attention to the location of the camera and in which direction the camera is. When killing other players, don't get caught by the camera. If it is visible in the camera, an automatic alarm will sound and the impostor's disguise will be exposed.

3. Observe the Situation

Pay attention to the surroundings, before you kill other players try to kill when no one is watching. Also, pay attention to the time it takes to execute and make sure you have enough time to escape.

4. Be careful with certain roles

One of the characters who can easily reveal the impostor is the engineer because the engineer can move around using ventilation. An impostor must be careful using this ventilation feature in order to complete his mission.

5. Keep Calm

As an impostor, you still have to be calm when shifting accusations to other players, because if you are too aggressive, of course, it will cause great suspicion. You must be able to read the situation, if one player is accused of being an impostor, try to accuse him by providing a clear argument.

Of course, this is done so that other players do not suspect that you are the real impostor. Super Sus itself is an online game that can be played by all age groups, this game will teach you how to think and act quickly.

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