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How to Play Robbery Bob 2 You Need to Know 2022

Many gamers are looking for ways to play robbery bob 2. Because the games released by this game studio do offer exciting games and must be played. This Robbery Bob 2 game is made exclusively because those of you who are interested have to buy it for $ 2,35 on the Google Playstore. Robbery Bob 2 with the Double Trouble theme is actually a strategy-themed game combined with interesting and funny puzzles.

Where the player will act as a thief. The difference is, that the thief in this game wants to save the world. Viewed from the top-down side, the players are very likely to move and play a role according to the strategy applied. 

As a thief in general, the thief in this game will take valuable items such as documents, gold, and money anywhere according to the target. To be able to carry out the action, there are many obstacles and challenges that players must go through.

Before knowing how to play robbery bob 2, please note that this game provides many levels to choose from. Not only taking valuables but players will also be invited to set strategies to be able to infiltrate a building and avoid guarding. 

Of course, as a thief, players should not be caught by security officers. When caught, you definitely have to avoid being chased by security officers by running here and there. For those of you who are interested in the game robbery bob 2, here is how to play it.

Player character

The first way to play robbery bob 2 is that you have to know the character of each player. The main character of this game is Bob. Bob was originally a prisoner who later escaped. Besides Bob, the other characters are cops, locals, thugs, professors, guard dogs, and bosses who give orders to Bob.

Game levels

At each level of the game, Bob will be given a task to pick up an item by the Boss. Well, as a player you must be able to control Bob so that he can get the goods in question without being caught red-handed by the police or local residents. For his assessment, judging by the time it took Bob to retrieve the goods without anyone knowing.

In control, you can use the controller on the left side of the screen as the direction Bob walks and on the right to adjust Bob's speed. If the right controller is pressed, Bob will run. When there are locals or the police, Bob should not run because it will make a lot of noise.


There are many places where Bob can hide. Some of them are cardboard, under tiles, gallons, and closets. In addition, there are also obstacles that must be passed by Bob ranging from lasers, CCTV, professors, and thugs to the police. So Bob must be really careful.

So many reviews related to how to play robbery bob 2 on android easily and without cheats, please study this android game carefully so you can play even greater than before. Good luck and hopefully useful, don't forget to read other articles about android games here.

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