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How to Make a Red Stumble Guys Name

Of course, you are already familiar with the game that is now being loved by all circles. Yup! Who else if not the Stumble Guys game? In a game there must be a nickname, this nickname serves as a sign of identity for the game account that the player has.

Every player certainly wants a cool and anti-mainstream nickname, so that they can stand out difference from other game player accounts. Besides that, you will also be better known by other players and can even be mistaken for a pro player because you have a different nickname from other players.

There are various categories of stumble guys nickname games that you need to know, including the red stumble guys nickname. Have you met a player who uses a red nickname before?

Well, for those of you who are curious about the red stumble guys nickname, please follow our post to the end. Because we will explain in detail how and what the nickname stumble guys look like.

For those of you who have already made a nickname for this game carelessly, please replace it with a unique nickname. Before discussing the main topic of conversation, it would be nice for you to remember again what the stumble game is guys. Here is the full review.

Getting to know the Stumble Guys Game

Before continuing this discussion about the type of Stumble Guys Name in red, let's first discuss in detail this popular game so that newcomers can understand it better.

This one game includes games that are often played by male and female players so that they are free or neutral. Well, then what is meant by this stumble guys' game?

Game Stumble Guys is an online game that can be played by up to 32 players. This game is most often played on Android devices, but besides that, you can also download it via PC or iOS.

For those of you who are new to this stumble guys game and are curious to play it, you can download it directly via the google play store because now this game is available there. So how to play it?

You need to know that this stumble guys game has similarities with the Fall Guys game. Where there are 32 players playing in one game room. After that in a room or room, all players must insist on defending themselves so they are not eliminated.

In this game, there are also levels that you have to pass, and of course, each level has its own difficulties. You are required to be able to pass the test at each level in order to be the last surviving player and of course, you are the winner.

How Important is Nickname in Stumble Guys Game?

Not only requires god-level skills, but stumble guys also need a name or nickname on each player account and this is very much needed because it is useful as a player identity.

Why is that? Because in this stumble guys game there are lots of players and of course with a unique and different nickname, your account will be the one that will stand out the most among thousands of other players.

Fortunately, there is now a multiplayer royale game made by Kitka Games that offers a large-scale elimination system and this game has turned out to be worldwide, not only in Indonesia. How cool right?

And of course, the popularity of this game is thanks to players who have unique names and great skills when playing. Therefore, having and making the Game Stumble Guys nickname is becoming a trend in itself among lovers of this game.

With your name, you will be more easily recognized by other players, whether they are famous for having skills or something else. And of course, having a name will be one of pride because you will be more confident.

However, despite all that, there are still a lot of players who complain about the difficulty of making the nickname of their dreams. However, don't worry about it all because on this occasion we will discuss how to create and recommend red stumble guys names that other players have not used. Therefore, please see the complete information below.

About Stumble Guys Colored Names

As you already know that the default name color of this stumble guys game is white. This makes players question whether the name color can be changed other than white. Of course, you can, according to them, this is one of the spots in the game that is considered boring because every time you look at the nickname, the writing is always white.

Having a player who uses a nickname written in red certainly makes other players feel like making and using it. Maybe you are one of them too!

Well, with so many players interested in using red nicknames. So on this occasion, we will share recommendations for red stumble guys' names, color codes, how to make and others. therefore keep following our review to the end so that you can understand.

Stumble Guys Game Color Code

[808080] = ashes – ashes

[FFFFFF] = white

FFFF00] = yellow

[BF00FF] = young

[000000] : black

[800000] : maroon

[8F00FF] = violet

[0000FF] = biro

[000080] = navy blue

[FF0000] : red

[FF007F] : rose red or red rose

After you know the color code above, then what are the next steps you can take to change your name so that it can be colored? Below is a full description.

How to Make Stumble Guys Names Red

  • In the first step, you can first select the name that you want to change.
  • After that go to the stumble game profile menu guys.
  • Click the pencil icon on the side of the stumble guys page.
  • Block all the posts in that column. Then you delete and paste the name and red color code that you previously copied.
  • The last step, save to continue the process of renaming.
  • Done.

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