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How to Get Stumble Guys Special Skin Easily

The Stumble Guys game stole attention and became one of the most popular games today. Moreover, the appearance of special skins for boys will definitely make this game come alive and interesting.

Besides Stumble Guy is a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends at the same time or in other places. Then we will announce when the special skin will appear and how to get it.

Briefly about Skin Stumble Guys Special

After receiving the official announcement about the availability of a custom skin that will be released soon by the developer you should be excited about it. Besides the leaks, you can get the new Stumble Guys skin.

So how did you get your hands on the newly released Stumble Guys skin? Basically, Stumble People you can get by downloading or updating to the latest version.

1. How to Download and Update the Stumble Guys Game

If you don't know how to download or update Stumble Guy's version 0.38 you can do it on Google Play Store or App Store. You just have to do a few steps to download it!

  • The first step you can take is to go to the Google Play Store for Android
  • Look for the stumble game guys on your Play Store and AppStore if available
  • Then tap the Stumble Guys game that appears on your phone screen.
  • In the end, all you have to do is click on update/download
  • Then the latest version of the Stumble Guys game is automatically downloaded and installed on your phone and you can play it right away.

2. How to get a special skin from Stumble Guys

So how do you get that unique look in Stumble Guys? You can get Stumble Guys exclusive skin for free. But the chances of finding your own unique skin are slim.

You can play the Stumble Guys game to get one of these unique skins. At the end of each round, you can get a random skin. So getting exclusive skins is a bit difficult for you.

Even though it's difficult, it doesn't mean that special skins are impossible. If you are lucky you will also get Shogun Master Sisunaut Captain Gold Heart Hatshepsut Marshmallow Ninja Kai Dr. Egg or Red Demon Skins.

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