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How To Get Capital Gold Clash Of Clans 2022

Clash Of Clans or COC for short, is a game that is no stranger to gamers in the 2015s. This game was busy at that time. Until now COC is still doing updates until now.

The latest COC update is Clan Capital or Clan Capital. Clan Capital aims to strengthen cooperation within the clan because the building, attacking, or defense is done together. 

In building a base in Clan Capital, we need a resource called “Capital Gold”. With Capital Gold, we can build or get new defenses. If we have fully upgraded the Capital Hall we can open a new District to rebuild.


So, how do you get this Capital Gold? The trick is in the following tutorial

The Ways To Get Capital Gold Are:

Claim For Free


We can get Capital Gold by claiming it for free but it has a cooldown of 24 hours. Capital Gold that can be obtained is worth 550 Capital Gold.

free claim

Doing Crafting


When we want to get much more Capital Gold we can use crafting on the Forge.

However, it is subject to costs and resources as well as 3 days of work, of course, it requires a builder. Capital Gold earned is 2000 per crafting.


start crafting

Raid Attack


Raid Attack is to attack other clans. By destroying enemy buildings, we can get Capital Gold.

But Raid Attacks can only be done once every 3 days, and even then, they are limited to 5+1 attacks per account. Capital Gold earned may vary according to the result of the attack.

raid attack 

Season Pass Missions

By completing missions in the season pass, we can get several prizes including a number of Capital Gold.

season pass

That's How To Get Capital Gold Clash Of Clans, quite easy to do. The speed of district development is based on the cohesiveness of the Clan itself. Look forward to the latest COC update later! Thank you

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