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How to Download Total Conquest MOD Latest Version, EZ!

Playing games on android devices is one of the most popular activities today. Compared to console or PC games, android games are no less fun to play. Especially now that there are more and more new games that are presented on the Android platform. 

Some games are really newly presented and some are the latest updated versions of the previous version. This android game also consists of various exciting genres, such as the MOBA genre, Battle Royale, FPS, RPG, simulation and many others.

Of the many genres of android games, the strategy genre game is one that is quite in demand. There are lots of strategy games that you can find on the Google Play Store. One of the most played games is the Total Conquest game. This game's gameplay is almost similar to the Clash of Clans game that once triumphed in its time.


Not only gameplay, some other things are also somewhat similar, such as weapons of war, game characters and other features. It's just that what differs is the setting of the place of the two. The CoC game has a rural setting, while Total Conquest has an Ancient Roman setting.

Total Conquest is a free game that you can install through the Google Play Store. However, for those of you who want to enjoy a more exciting game, then you can try playing the MOD version of the Total Conquest game. 

This version of the game means that it has been modified in such a way that its features are somewhat different from the original version. Interested in playing the Total Conquest MOD game? Here's how to download Total Conquest MOD and its installation that you can try to apply yourself.

Information About Game Total Conquest

Before proceeding to how to download and install Total Conquest MOD, you need to know first brief information about the game. This Total Conquest game is the best strategy game that is the most fun to play. This game made by Gameloft SE itself has been downloaded by more than 10 million users on the Google Play Store. It is proof that the Total Conquest game is indeed quite popular among mobile gamers.

As explained earlier, this Total Conquest game has a gameplay similar to Clash of Clans. In the game you will act as a Roman governor who must have a strong leadership spirit. You will lead the nation-state as well as the army to have the strongest defense.

You are required to be able to defend your territory from enemy attacks. To defeat the enemy, you can form your own legion or you can also join other players. Not only defending your territory, here you can also expand your power.

How to Download Total Conquest MOD Latest Version

The original Total Conquest game, requires you to put in extra effort in order to get the items you want. In addition, there are also some items that are premium, so you need to buy them using real money.

The good news is, you can now get these premium items for free and without spending a dime. Here you can install the Modized version of the Total Conquest game to get it. Regarding the steps to download Total Conquest MOD in full, as follows:

The first step is to download the MOD version of the Total Conquest game via THIS LINK . Visit the link via the Google Chrome browser for convenience.

Now you need to enable the permission to install apps or games from outside the Play Store. The trick is to go to the Settings menu >> Biometrics and Security >> Install unknown apps >> Google Chrome >> slide the slider on the Allow from this source option .

Next you look for the Total Conquest game file that was downloaded earlier.

Click on the file, then click the Install button on the pop up notification that appears on the screen.

Wait until the installation process is complete, and now you can play the Total Conquest MOD game.


Featured Features in the Latest Version of Total Conquest MOD Game

In the Mod version of Total Conquest, you can enjoy more complete features. Even features that were previously locked in the original version of the game, now you can use them for free in the MOD version. The complete features of Total Conquest MOD are as follows:

1. Unlimited Coins and Apples

Coins and Apples are the two most important things in the Total Conquest game play. Unfortunately you need to complete certain missions in order to get the coins and apples. However, playing the MOD version of Total Conquest game allows you to get unlimited coins and apples.

You can use these coins and apples to buy premium in-game items, as well as to speed up building construction.

2. Unlimited Crowns

Not only coins and apples, crowns which incidentally need real money to get them, now you can get them for free. The crowns provided in Total Conquest MOD are unlimited and you can use them at any time. The function of this crown itself is to speed up the building upgrade process.

3. Many Gods Free

Gods have a very important role when your warriors fight the enemies. Choosing the strongest god will increase the chances for you to get victory. This god himself is usually placed in a building called the Barracks of Gods.

No need to work hard, because in this Total Conquest MOD game you can choose whichever god you want and it's free of course. Train your gods to become stronger against enemies.

4. Rank Never Drops

Winning and losing is a common things in playing games, including in the Total Conquest game. If you play the original version of the Total Conquest game, your rank on the leaderboard will immediately drop if you lose while fighting. This is because you lose sword points when you lose to an enemy.

However, in the Total Conquest MOD game this will never happen. Your rank will remain and not decrease even though you have lost the war.

5. Get All Builders

The builder itself has an important role in the development and upgrade process. Interestingly in this game you can get all builders for free. Thus, the process of building and upgrading that used to take a long time, is now gone. The process will be faster because the builder you have is quite a lot and complete.


That was how to download the latest version of Total Conquest MOD on an Android smartphone that you can try to apply. Don't forget to share this information to your personal social media accounts so that it can also be useful for others.

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