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How to Download Kingdom Wars MOD APK

Android games are mostly played because of the various genres and provide fun for players. Players are free to choose any game they like, ranging from strategy games, RPG, FPS, MOBA, Battle Royale or so on. In fact, almost all games can be played for free through the Google Play Store. However, usually in the game there are special features or items that are given to paid players only.

Of the many Android games available, one of the most interesting to play is the Royal War game. This game was developed by a developer called Springcomes and is one of the most popular games to play. 

Including Real-time Strategy genre games, this Royal War game has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Google Play Store. The size is also not too big, which is only around 47MB, it will certainly run smoothly even if played on a low-spec smartphone.

In this Royal War or Kingdom Wars game, there are many interesting features in it. Starting from 400+ game levels, 200+ unique allies, 100+ allies with unique Limit-breaks, different strategies and many more. 

However, to enjoy all these items you have to collect a lot of money as a medium of exchange. It takes a long time, and to speed things up you can play the game Kingdom Wars MOD. So, how to download the MOD Royal War? You can see more detailed information below.

Information About Kingdom Wars Game / Kingdom Wars

Before proceeding to how to download Royal War MOD, you should first know a brief review of the game. As explained above, the game Kingdom Wars or Kingdom Wars has become one of the most played strategy games. In fact, this game is claimed to be the best RTS game on Android today.

In the game, you will serve as a war leader of a kingdom. You must be able to protect your kingdom from enemy attacks by applying the right strategy in war. Certainly not an easy thing, war strategy will determine victory in the war.

The game is played in two directions. This means that you must be able to protect the royal tower, as well as attack to destroy the enemy's tower. The concept of the game is indeed to be similar to Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. However, this Kingdom Wars game certainly has something different and becomes a special attraction for its players.

How to Download Royal War MOD APK Latest

Maybe you can't wait to play the modified version of the game Kingdom Wars or Kingdom Wars. No need to be confused, because in this article I have summarized how to download as well as how to install the Royal War MOD APK on an Android phone.

As for how to download and install the full Royal War MOD APK game, as follows:

The first step is to download the APK file of the MOD or Kingdom Wars MOD game.

Before installing, you must first activate the access permission to install unknown applications. The trick is to go to Settings >> Security >> Install Unknown Applications >> Google Chrome (or any browser used to download it) >> Allow from This Source .

If so, now you look for the MOD Kingdom War file and click to run it.

A pop up notification will appear on the screen, continue by clicking the Install button .

Wait until the installation process is complete. And you can start playing the game now.


Royal War Game Features Latest MOD APK

There are several interesting features provided in the game Kingdom Wars MOD or Kingdom Wars MOD. Of course, you can't enjoy some of these features in the original version of the Royal War game. Some of these interesting features include:

1. Unlimited Money

The main feature that you can find in the game Royal War MOD APK is unlimited money. You are allowed to spend the Money provided to give various premium items.

Now you no longer have to work hard to complete certain missions to get prize money. Because the money you have in the game is inexhaustible, aka unlimited.

2. Unlimited Diamond

In addition to money, there is also an unlimited number of Diamond features. Just like money, Diamond is also a type of currency in the Kingdom Wars game that serves to buy certain items.

That way you can more easily become a pro player because you can use all the items easily and for free.

3. Ad-Free

One of the advantages of paid users in this Royal War game is that they can play comfortably without being bothered by ads. However, now you can also experience these facilities even without being a paid user.

Ads will be removed from the game so that you can be more comfortable and satisfied to play the game Kingdom Wars or the Royal War.

4. Unlock All Features and Items

And the advantage of the last MOD Royal War game is that all features or items in the game are unlocked. So, you are free to use any feature or item as you wish without having to wait for all missions to be completed so that the features and items are unlocked.

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