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How to Change the Mobile Legends Loading Screen

How to Change the Mobile Legends Loading Screen – The loading screen in the Mobile Legend game can be changed according to your wishes. So you don't get bored easily with the default display in Moonton's default system.

Not only that but changing your loading screen can also make your game look fun.

The loading screen is a screen display that first appears when you open the Mobile Legends game.

To find out more, you can read the article that we have prepared below.

Mobile Legends loading screen can take a long time

If suddenly your loading screen takes a long time to move, it's normal. Usually, the main reason why your ML game loading screen takes a long time is because of an unstable network.

Not only that but the memory storage factor on the cellphone must also be considered.

When the storage memory starts to be limited. You can immediately delete files that you no longer use. Then deleting the application and storage cache is a thing that must be done as well.

How to Change the Mobile Legends Loading Screen

On this occasion we will provide tips on how to change the Mobile Legends Loading Screen that you can follow as follows:

  1. Previously, you could prepare and download the loading screen script on Mobile Legend according to what you wanted. You can search for scripts on the Internet or in the Mobile Legend community.
  2. After that, make sure you have previously downloaded the ZArchiver application on your cellphone.
  3. If the ZArchiver application has been successfully downloaded. You can directly open the application and then prepare the video you want to display on the loading screen.
  4. Then you adjust your video time limit to the loading screen limit.
  5. Then rename the video file.
  6. Next, you can directly open the Mobile Legend application.
  7. If you have already entered the start menu then look for the android – data – Mobile Legends folder.
  8. After that click the Files menu and click the folder named dragon2017.
  9. Then you click the Assets – Audio – Android button.
  10. Next, replace the file in the video that you have saved.
  11. Next click the Do it to all files button and click the Replace button.
  12. Finally, your Mobile Legends loading screen has been successfully replaced. You can confirm it in the Mobile Legends game application.

So at a glance, information and tips about the Mobile Legends application may be useful and help increase your knowledge about the game application.

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