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Genshin Impact's Fantasy Conch Location 2022

Currently, the fantasy snail is being hunted by Genshin Impact players. Because fantasy snails are one of the conditions to get Fischl Skin for free. And that was why many players worked hard to find the echoing conch.

Have you collected all 20 Genshin Impact echoing snails yet? If not, then you need to listen to this discussion about the fantasy conch Genshin Impact. I will tell you about the location of Genshin Impact's echoing conch.

Conch Fantasy Genshin Impact

To be able to claim the Fischl skin for free you have to collect 16 fantasy snails. There are 20 fantasy snails of the Golden Apple archipelago of Genshin Impact that have been scattered throughout the map.

This skin is also quite cool, it's a pity if you fail to get this skin because of the fantasy conch. This conch does not appear 20 at once in the Genshin Impact game.

On the first day, only 14 fantasy snails will appear. While the remaining 6 other fantasy snails will appear following. For now, you can focus on finding the 14 echoing snails in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact's Fantasy Conch Location

These fantasy snails are also scattered in the map section of Genshin Impact. We've also collected the 14 locations of the Genshin Impact fantasy conch. I will let you know the remaining 6 snails when a new snail update appears in Genshin Impact.

Below are the locations of all the fantasy snails currently in Genshin Impact:

  • Fantasy Conch 1-4: Broken Isle
  • Fantasy Conch 6-8: Twining Isle
  • Conch Fantasy 9-11: Pudding Isle
  • Conch Fantasy 12-14: Minacious Isle

If you find it difficult to find fantasy coins from the locations I have conveyed. So you should be able to watch the video below.

By watching this video, you can know more clearly the position of the fantasy snail you are looking for. Below is the detailed position of the Genshin Impact fantasy conch:

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