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Free Fire's Strongest Bizon Weapon Character 2022

Free Fire has released a lot of very cool latest updates for you to play right now. Then there are the 5 Strongest Bizon Weapon Characters Free Fire (FF), which will help you in dealing with enemies very well. Because indeed with things like this we will also understand, and see what the game will be like later.

Because with the use of a suitable and strong weapon like this, it will definitely support you so that it is easier to win again. Facing a large number of enemies also doesn't seem too difficult, especially if you understand the use of the weapon.

Moreover, the appearance of the Bizon Free Fire Weapon itself does sound really cool right now. Gives a nice extra power. And for the damage that we will get from this weapon, it will certainly continue to grow to be stronger than usual.

Then for the 5 Strongest Bizon Weapon Characters in Free Fire (FF), you will have no more difficulties in dealing with enemies like this. Because indeed with the Bizon Weapon, players can easily win.

Free Fire's Strongest Bizon Weapon Character (FF)


One of the characters who are really good at using SMG, of course the Bizon Weapon goes well with Nikita in combat. Facing an enemy no matter how difficult it feels will not feel dangerous, because this is a great power for you to use later.

Even for the Bizon Weapon itself, it has advantages in several ways, even the Damage that Nikita can increase as well. The problem is that after Nikita got the Free Fire Buff, making this a fairly strong character for Rush in addition to his Reload Skill on SMG.

Free Fire's Strongest Bizon Weapon Character is Jota

Free Fire's Strongest Bizon Weapon Character (FF)

Jota's ability, which can give Life Steal, becomes one of the deadliest for Bizon Weapons when you use it. Has an advantage in close attacks, even this damage will make the skill still run very well.

Especially with the advantages of Hero Jota to become a Rusher, surely the process to win is also very easy. We just need to aim well, so we can immediately feel the skill problem from Jota as long as your aim is good and right.



Rushing with Bizon with Homer Character is the best choice, because the bad effects of Active Skills are very influential. Then you activate the Homer Skill first, so you can know the opponent's position with the Drone that will immediately pursue the target.

Then if you have met and want us to rush right away, replace the Bizon Weapon directly to prepare safely. After doing that, make sure you do a good attack as long as the effects of the explosion circle itself are still there.

Free Fire's Strongest Bizon Weapon Character is Wolfrahh

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The higher the damage if you use the Wolfrahh character, of course players will easily use this Bizon Weapon. Considering that the Wolfrahh Character's Attack itself will have high damage when it hits the body in an attack using any weapon.

Then when the enemy gives a Headshot attack, surely the damage will immediately decrease drastically as well. So it's no wonder why this weapon is compatible with Wolfrahh, it can be very well supported in later battles.

DJ Alok

Free Fire's Strongest Bizon Weapon Character (FF)

No wonder this character will match many weapons, even Alok with Bizon also sounds like a deadly combination. Later, if you play Rush, you don't need to be afraid in facing your opponent, because this Alok Skill is Active and gives a big Heal.

As well as providing an additional Movement Speed, when already activating the skill. No wonder for Free Fire's Highest Agility Character, DJ Alok is one that can't be matched because of his Healing Effect as well.

After we know the 5 Strongest Bizon Weapon Characters in Free Fire (FF), you can immediately try it to give a strong attack. This power will make your character also invincible by using the weapon.

Especially for Tips on Using Bizon Free Fire Weapons , it will definitely feel easy if you already understand the game system. It will make the opponent have no chance of winning, because things like this are indeed supportive in dealing with them.

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