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Explanation of What is Roamer Mobile Legends

One of the important roles in Mobile Legends is Roamer. Maybe for new Mobile Legends players, many are wondering what Roamer is.

Well, on this occasion, we want to tell you an explanation of what Roamer is in Mobile Legends. So, for those who want to know, just read this article until it's finished!

Explanation of What Roamer Mobile Legends

Roamer is a role where one player always goes to rotate from the top lane to the bottom lane throughout the game.

Maybe you think how a Roamer can get Gold and Exp if they only rotate from the top lane to the bottom lane.

Well, the answer is through the Roam item. So since there was an update, there are new items specifically for Roamer heroes.

Roam items will give additional Gold and Exp to a Roamer. So even if you don't kill Creep, Roamer heroes still get Gold and Exp.

What is a Roamer's Job?

Roamer itself has a very important role in a team because the Roamer hero has the task of helping team members who are in trouble to open the opponent's area so that team members can receive information on the opponent's position.

A roamer must also be observant in seeing and reading the minimap in order to notify other team members if an opponent is missing and they can immediately anticipate ganking from the opponent.

Who Is Suitable To Be A Roamer?

Usually the Roamer role is often filled by Tank heroes or Support heroes who have fairly agile mobility.

But there are also some Mage heroes that you can rely on to become Roamer heroes, for example, like Selena or Kadita.

Well, that's a little discussion about the Roamer role in Mobile Legends. Now you know what Roamer is in Mobile Legends, right? Hope it's useful!

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