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Cool Features in Super Sus 2022

In the era of the heyday of mobile games as we feel today, developers compete to produce popular games that are in great demand by players. After PUBG, which rocked the mobile gaming market, we were soon shaken by a simple game that was popular on the market called Among Us.

But unfortunately Among Us was not so long in demand by the players. This may be due to graphics that are too simple. Yes, however, the graphics in a game is an honor in itself. Because today's gamers are smarter and better understand very sophisticated game technology.

That's why a game called Super Sus APK was born to take the award that has not been achieved by Among Us.

Find the Impostor

Importer-themed games are a new treasure in the gaming world. After the explosion in the market, impostor-themed games became the target of the players. One of the reasons why impostor-themed games are very much in demand by players is the concept of playing that can be played simultaneously. That's why PIProductions made impostor its flagship game theme.

Super Sus launched by PIProductions is a party game that can be played with other people as many as 10 players. In this game you will act as a crew or impostor who has their respective duties.

You need to be proficient in reading every clue so you can win every match in this game. Because this game is a party game, you can invite 9 other players you know. You can spend time with friends, relatives or family in holiday moments like today.

Like its predecessor games, this game also has almost the same concept, the difference is that you will feel more sensation because this game has smoother and contemporary graphics. So this game can answer your boredom from previous games that have mediocre graphics.

If you are curious about the sensation of looking for an impostor with different graphics and features, download Super Sus Mod APK right now.

Fitur Super Sus

Looking for an impostor or pretending not to be caught as the impostor will certainly be different in this game. Therefore, so that you can continue to win matches in this game, please review some of the features of this game that we have collected from various sources.

Stunning Graphics – The main highlight of this game is the graphics which are more up to date compared to the previous games. You will be very satisfied with the awesome character details. So you will be addicted to playing this game without getting bored easily.

Player Limitations – This game is indeed a game designed to be played by multiple players. Although Super Sus is a multiplayer game, the developer limits players to 10 people per game.

The reason this game doesn't follow in large numbers like other popular impostor games is because the developer is targeting a specific market of people who are looking for short-lived entertainment. Of course, in this dynamic era, not everyone can spend hours. So that fast games are in great demand by many people.

 Although the players in this game are not as many as other games, you can't underestimate this game. Because whether or not a game is easy is not based on the number of players in each game. So be a person who is unpredictable in your hangout.

Clarity of Time – As we mentioned above, this game can be played in a short time. Although the actual duration of the match will be different for each player's experience, on average players can complete each match in just 7 minutes. Your analytical intelligence and dexterity are highly tested in this game. Be a player who can control time, not controlled by time.

Multiple Identity Options – Although the game is limited to 10 players per match, there are more than 20 identities that you can get. You are free to choose which identity you will use. We recommend that you change your identity regularly when playing with the same player. Each identity has its own skills so you need to master more than one identity. This is done so that you are not easily guessed by other players. In addition to identity, there are several factions you can choose from. All preferences can be read by experienced players so that you become a player that is difficult for others to guess.

In this game you will find different roles. You can become an Aircraft Cleaner, Spy, Guard, Conjurer, Shifter, Jocker, Devil, Sheriff, Engineer, Detective, Doctor, Prophet, Agent and others. Each role has its own advantages. All of them have the potential to be winners. 

Various Mode Options – In addition to the main mode, in this game, you can enjoy various other modes such as multi-identity and ranked matches. Each mode has its own purpose. If you intend to become the world's top player, then you can play ranked match mode. In that mode your rank will continue to rise every time you win a match.

Voice Chat – This feature is the main feature that really needs to be used in matches. Using this feature, you can communicate directly with other players. In addition to how to play, your way of speaking also needs to be taken care of. Because there are some players who can guess from looking for how you communicate. There are great people out there.

Join Discord – As this game is gaining popularity among players, you can follow the official Discord channel on this game. There you can communicate directly with the millions of other players out there. In addition, you will also get hot info from updates made by developers.

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