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Build Kimmy Painful in Mobile Legends, AUTO META

As a hero with the roles of Marksman and Mage, Kimmy has many unique and advantages, especially when doing farming in the early game phase. This is because the main damage that Kimmy produces is of the Magical Damage type. Of course his strength can finish off the opponent with just a few attacks.

Another advantage of Kimmy is being able to be a carry to the team as well as a good push laner. With Kimmy's Blink ability and ranged attacks, she can disperse enemy formations easily. But keep in mind, every hero must have a weakness.

But you don't have to worry, as long as you put yourself in the right position, and use the right combination of build items. You can cover Kimmy's weakness well. Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss the recommendations for the strongest Kimmy build in Mobile Legends.

Build Kimmy Painful in Mobile Legends

The picture above is a recommendation for the sickest Kimmy build that you can use in the game. The explanation for each item is as follows.

1. Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots is the first item you can buy when using Kimmy. With this boot item, Kimmy will get additional Movement Speed ​​and additional Magical Penetration.

Of course, this item will be very useful for Kimmy, especially while still in the Early Game phase, because it can make Kimmy's attack more painful.

2. Genius Wand

Kimmy is a Marksman hero who specializes in damage/poke values. Of course, the use of the Genius Wand item will be very useful for Kimmy, especially in dealing with opponents who have high defense values.

Because Genius Wand has a passive ability, which reduces the opponent's Magic Defense from every attack that Kimmy gives. This passive ability lasts for 2 seconds and stacks 1-3 times.

3. Berserker's Fury

The next best attribute for Kimmy is Berserker's Fury. Yep, this item that can increase the ability of Critical Chance and Physical ATK will be very useful for every basic attack that Kimmy throws at the opponent.

Given that Kimmy is a hero with the roles of Marksman and Mage, which means Kimmy can provide attacks with two different types of damage, namely Physical ATK and also Magical ATK. So this Berserker's Fury item will be very suitable if used by Kimmy.

4. Divine Sword

Next, you need a suitable item when combined with a Genius Wand or Holy Crystal. Yep, that item is Divine Glaine.

This Divine Glaive itself has a unique ability that is good for use by Mage heroes who specialize in damage/burst combo attacks. The advantage given by this item is that if the opponent's Magic Defense increases, the Magical Penetration provided will also increase to a maximum of 20%.

Of course this item will be very useful for Kimmy to fight heroes with thick HP and defense capacities, such as Tank heroes or Support heroes .

5. Ice Queen Wand

Next is the Ice Queen Wand Item. This item which is known for its ability to give a slow effect is one of the best items that Kimmy can use.

The reason is, every time Kimmy uses this item, she can give a slow effect of 15% which can be collected up to 2 stacks and continues for 3 seconds.

This item will certainly be very good for slowing down enemies who will run away or in pursuing opponents.

6. Holy Crystal

The Holy Crystal is the perfect final item when combined with Kimmy's abilities. Moreover, with the Divine Glaive item is very suitable when combined with the ability of the Holy Crystal item.

This Holy Crystal itself is an item that can add value to Kimmy's Magic Power. Well, the uniqueness of this item is, Holy Crystal can increase Magic Attack by 21-35% which can increase continuously according to Kimmy's level during the game.

Well, that's a little explanation about Kimmy's build in Mobile Legends that you can use in the game.

For those of you who don't have a Kimmy hero, you can top up the Mobile Legends diamondfirst yes. Because to get this hero, you need to exchange it for a number of Diamonds or Battle Points.

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