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Auto Chess MOBA Announces Social Media Accounts

For those of you who at least regularly play competitive games, you must be familiar with the game that was booming around 2019, namely Auto Chess which hit the market with its unique competitive genre – the good news is that even though the game is dead, it will release a MOBA version to reach more people.

First announced in 2021, finally, Auto Chess MOBA re-emerged with various social media accounts ranging from Facebook, and Twitter, to YouTube, which means they are "not dead" where the Chess version of the game has started to recede. They have also shared various artworks up to the first gameplay.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar, Auto Chess MOBA will offer MOBA gameplay which in our opinion is not much different from its competitors such as Mobile Legends or Arena of Valor, namely MOBA with 5v5 battles. The most striking difference from it is the presence of an asymmetrical map to active items, where you can use skills through items like DOTA.

All characters in Auto Chess will later be available as heroes in this latest MOBA game, with their own unique movesets and skills tailored for each class. The developer also ensures that all heroes are available for free, without any paid runes, day & night weather system, and various other features that have not been announced.

The game will soon hold a closed beta stage in China in the near future. After that, they also confirmed that the global version will also get a closed beta stage, following the Chinese version. What is clear, the game will be released for Android and iOS.

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