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3 Best Weapons for Iris Free Fire Characters, Auto Booyah

As you already know, Free Fire has just released a new character named Iris. This character has a skill called Wall Brawl. This skill possessed by Iris allows her to mark enemies from the Gloo Wall she shoots and can inflict damage on enemies behind the Gloo Wall.

As the newest character in Free Fire, Iris can be said to have skills that are quite powerful and quite deadly when used. Because, the combo of strong abilities that are put together, makes Iris a very scary and deadly character in the current season.

However, much Free Fire we will tell you the recommendations for the 3 best weapons that are right for use for the Iris Free Fire season 28 character. Want to know what the weapons are? Let's just look at the following review, yes!

3 Best Weapons for Iris Free Fire Characters

1. AC80

The very first weapon used by Iris's character is the AC80 weapon. This weapon is a Marksman Rifle type weapon that has a very deadly firing speed.

Therefore, using this AC80 weapon is the right choice when combined with the Iris Free Fire character. Because it can destroy the enemy's Gloo Wall very easily and even kill the opponent.

2. AWM

The best weapon for the next Iris Free Fire character is AWM. This AWM is the most painful type of sniper weapon that is commonly used in long-range combat. This AWM weapon is very appropriate to use because of its quite lethal ability.

Not without reason makes this AWM weapon very deadly. Because this weapon is supported by a range, as well as very deadly damage to the opponent.


Vector weapons are SMG weapons that you can combine with Iris Free Fire characters. This weapon is often used in close combat and has quite deadly damage.

Not without reason, because this weapon is equipped with dual weapons that you can use, so it can give many times the damage that is very deadly for the opponent.

Well, that's the recommendation for the best weapon for the Iris Free Fire FF Season 28 character that you can use. So what do you think?

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