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Tips to Be Good at Using Lunox Mobile Legends, Auto Win!

Lunox is one of the strongest Mage heroes in Mobile Legends . This hero has the ability to easily destroy the opponent's armor. So don't be surprised if Lunox is one of the best Tank destroying heroes today.

Even so, Lunox itself is one of the heroes that is quite difficult to use. Well, if you want to learn about this hero, here are we, which summarizes some good tips for using Lunox Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

Tips for Using Lunox Mobile Legends

If you don't have Lunox, you can buy it using Battle Points or Diamonds. So make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top up first.

1. Understand Lunox's Skills

The first tip for those of you who want to learn about the Lunox hero is to understand all the skills possessed by this Mage hero . Well, here is a little explanation about the Lunox skill.

Dreamland Twist (Passive Skill): Lunox loses his sense of time and reality and does not benefit from Cooldown Reduction. When the Power of Chaos is strengthened, 80% of its Cooldown Reduction will be converted to (Magic Penetration). When the Power of Order is strengthened, 120% of its Cooldown Reduction will be converted to Physical and Magic Defense.

Starlight Pulse (Skill 1: Order): Lunox summons a rain of stars on nearby enemies and deals Magic Damage, and restores his HP. The recovery effect will be doubled if the skill hits the enemy hero. Gets one Stack (Power of Order) after use.

Chaos Assault (Skill 1: Chaos): Lunox releases Chaos Energy forward, dealing Magic Damage equal to 200(+120% Total Magic Power) plus 1.5% of their Max HP to the hit target (when the target is a Creep, they receive 100% Max HP additional as Damage) and reduces their Movement Speed ​​by 10% for 1 second. Gain 1 Stack (Power of Chaos) after use.

Cosmic Fission (Skill 2): ​​When Lunox uses Power of Order and Power of Chaos, he will deal Magic Damage to targets in his path and slow them down by 40%. Lasts for 2 seconds.

Order & Chaos (Skill 3): The power of Chaos and Order resides within Lunox. Every time he used his power, the two powers became stronger and stronger. When he uses the power of Order, he gains Brilliance and deals damage continuously in an invulnerable state. When he uses the power of Chaos, he gains Darkening and can move in the specified direction and cancel the Cooldown of "Chaos Assault".

2. Watch the Lunox Stack

As previously explained, Lunox has a unique skill that allows him to produce two different abilities, namely Order and Chaos. If Lunox's stack is in Order, the Order & Chaos skill will change to Brilliance which when used will make Lunox immune from attacks while continuing to damage the opponent.

Meanwhile, when Stack Lunox is in a Chaos position, the Order & Chaos skill will change to Darkening. When activated, Lunox can do a little Dash and the ccoldown of the Chaos Assault skill will be reset continuously until the limit of the Order & Chaos skill runs out.

By understanding Lunox's stack, you can maximize the abilities of this Mage hero .

3. Keeping Distance

Keeping your distance is the next tip when you use Lunox heroes. Even though he has the Brilliance skill that is able to be immune from opponent attacks, you still have to be careful when defending or attacking.

Because like Mage heroes in general, Lunox is a very vulnerable hero. Its thin HP makes it a target for enemy Tank heroes .

4. Targeting Opponents Who Have Thin HP

Even though Lunox has the ability to destroy the opponent's Magical Defense, it's a good idea to keep targeting enemy heroes who have thin HP.

Because if you keep attacking heroes with thick HP, it will take a long time to finish them off. Meanwhile, if you attack an opponent who has a thin HP, you can finish him off with just one combo.

5. Use the Right Lunox Build

The next tip so you can maximize the abilities of Lunox is to use the right build items.

Because if you use the right Lunox build, it will make Lunox attacks even more painful and deadly.

Well, those are some good tips for using Lunox Mobile Legends heroes that you can apply in the game.

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