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Tips for Using Faramis Mobile Legends 2022

Faramis is a Support hero in Mobile Legends who has extraordinary abilities. This hero has the ability to make himself and his teammates immune to death. Especially since getting a revamp, Faramis has become one of the overpowered heroes.

Even so, Faramis itself is quite difficult to use. Therefore, on this occasion, we will discuss tips on using Faramis Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

Tips for Using Faramis Mobile Legends

If you don't have this Support hero, you can buy it using Battle Points or Diamonds. Therefore, make sure you have done the Mobile Legends diamond top-up first. But if you already have it, you can follow some tips using Faramis Mobile Legends below.

1. Understand Faramis's Skills

The first tip for those of you who want to be good at using Faramis is to understand all the skills possessed by this hero. The following is an explanation of the Faramis Mobile Legends skill.

Vicious Retrieval (Passive): Every 4 seconds, the next Faramis Skill that hits the enemy hero will leave a Soul Fragment at the location. Faramis can absorb Soul Fragments to restore HP and gain 2 additional Magic Power (up to 40 Stacks). When eliminated, he will use the absorbed Soul Fragment to reduce the cooldown of Respawn, each Soul Fragment reduces the time period by 3% (up to 90%). The eliminated opponents around Faramis also had a chance to leave the Soul Fragment.

Shadow Stampede (Skill 1): Faramis enters Shadow mode for 3 seconds, gains an additional 70% Movement Speed, an additional 50 Physical & Magical Defense, increases the absorption range of Soul Fragments, and the ability to move past obstacles. Enemy heroes who make contact with Faramis in this mode will take Magic Damage and deal with a Nether Mark. Each enemy hero is hit, reducing the cooldown of this skill by 20%. After leaving Shadow mode, Faramis draws all enemy heroes who have Mark on him, dealing Magic Damage to them. (Reuse): Faramis leaves Shadow mode early and draws Mark-bearing opponents toward him.

Ghost Busters (Skill 2): ​​Faramis collects Nether Energy in a fan-shaped area in front of him, dealing Magic Damage to enemies within. The energy will then split and bounce off nearby enemies, dealing Magic Damage (split up to 3 times to hit enemy heroes and 1 time to hit non-hero enemies).

Cult Altar (Skill 3): Faramis turns his surroundings into the Nether Realm for 5 seconds, increases the absorption of Soul Fragments and gives additional HP and Movement Speed ​​by 50% to affected team heroes and himself for 1 second. When additional HP is reduced, the hero will immediately enter Resurrection mode, where he cannot move or attack, but is immune to damage for 1.3 seconds.

2. Collect Stack Soul Fragments

The next tip when using Faramis is to collect as many Stack Soul Fragments as possible. Because as previously explained, apart from being able to recover HP, Faramis's Stack of Soul Fragments can also shorten the respawn duration.

Well, the more you collect Faramis' Stack Soul Fragments, the faster the respawn duration if you are eliminated.

3. Attract Opponents to Team Members

Faramis' Shadow Stampede skill can pull opponents towards him. Well, with that ability, you can attract opponents to be killed along with team members.

But even so, you have to be careful huh. Because to attract your opponent, you have to touch him when using the Shadow Stampede skill. As much as possible you should look for opportunities first before using this Shadow Stampede skill.

4. Use Ultimate at the Right Time

The next tip when using Faramis hero is to use ultimate at the right time. Because as we know, Faramis' ultimate skill makes himself and his teammates immune from death.

Well, by using these skills at the right time, you can restore the situation when a war or teamfight occurs.

5. Use the Right Build Faramis

The last tip so that you can maximize the abilities of Faramis is to use the right Build Faramis settings.

Because choosing the right item can maximize Faramis' ability to make his attacks even more deadly.

Well, those are some tips for using Faramis in Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

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