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Comeback! These are Tips for Split Push Turret in Mobile Legends 2022

Split Push Turret is one of the strategies in Mobile Legends that you can apply to win. So this strategy requires you to destroy the turret objective quickly and stealthily.

This strategy cannot be done haphazardly. Well, we itself have summarized some of the best split push turret tips that you can apply in the game.

Comeback! These are Tips for Split Push Turret in Mobile Legends

1. Communicate with Teammates

In order for the split push strategy to work well, then you need to establish good communication with teammates.

Because if there is no communication with teammates, it will be difficult for you and your team to use this strategy.

Communication also aims to provide information to you or your teammates doing a split push that your opponent is aware of a split push from your team.

That way, you or your teammates who do split push can avoid the ganks that can be done by the opposing team.

2. Use the Fastest Split Push Hero

You also have to pay attention to choosing the right hero to do a split push.

There are many best split push heroes that you can use. Usually, split push heroes are heroes who have fast attack speeds and excellent escape skills.

Well, if you don't have split push heroes, you can top up the Mobile Legends diamond first. Because to get heroes in Mobile Legends, you need to exchange a number of diamonds or battle points.

3. Pay Attention to Opponents and War Conditions

Before doing a split push, you also have to look at your opponent's position and war conditions.

If the position of the opponent and war is far from your turret target, then you can start doing split pushes.

But you also need to pay attention to the condition of your teammates when doing a split push. Whether your team members can withstand the opponent's attack or not.

If a team member feels unable to withstand the opponent's attack, it's a good idea not to do a split push and focus more on helping teammates win the war or teamfight.

4. Determine the Lane to Push

The next tip for those of you who want to do a split push is to determine which lane you want to destroy quickly.

For example, if the opponent and the team are doing a war or teamfight in the Top Lane area, now you can do a split push to a quiet Bottom Lane area, and vice versa.

5. Wait for the Right Moment

In order to run perfectly, this split push turret strategy also requires the right moment.

You need to pay attention to the enemy's position and the presence of your team's minions who can help to push the turret.

Well, those are some tips for split push turret in Mobile Legends that you can apply in the game.

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