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These are Tips for Safe Rotation on Free Fire, AUTO BOOYAH

To get Booyah when you do a push rank in Free Fire, then you have to understand rotation. Rotation is a strategy of moving from one place to the next through an increasingly narrow safe zone.

If done wrong, then when you rotate you have the potential to meet your opponent.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss tips for safe rotation on Free Fire. So, for those of you who want to know, just read the article below.

These are Tips for Safe Rotation on Free Fire

1. Determine Potential Dropping Locations

The first tip for those of you who want to do a safe rotation is to get off at the right location.

There are many best loot places that you can make as a destination.

By choosing a safe looting place, it will make you safer when looting and avoid the possibility of too soon.

2. Use a Scatter Strategy

When playing with a team, there is one strategy that you can apply when rotating, namely by using a scatter strategy.

You can use the 2-2 strategy where team members split up by forming 2 teams of 2 players.

Or you can also use the 3-1 strategy where 1 player serves as a flanker. Well, a flanker character is needed to carry out this strategy.

3. Use Vehicle

The next tip to do a safe rotation on Free Fire is to take advantage of all the vehicles available on Free Fire.

You can use the best vehicles in Free Fire such as Jeeps, Monster Trucks, Lamborghinis, and other vehicles to rotate safely.

But one thing you should know, the vehicle produces a sound that is big enough and can be heard by the opponent. So when you pass through an area and there is an enemy shooting, you can immediately step on the gas to escape from the area.

4. Wait for the Shrinking Zone

Another strategy you can apply to safely rotate is to wait until the safe zone begins to shrink.

Why wait until the zone starts to shrink first? Because usually when players already know the position of the next safe zone, they will immediately enter the middle of the safe zone.

By waiting for the zone, you can enter the safe zone through the outskirts that have been left by other players. In addition, you can also attack your opponent from an unknown direction.

Well, those are some tips for safe rotation in Free Fire that you can apply in the game.

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