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Tips for Playing Vexana Revamp Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest very cool updates for you to try. Because for 5 Tips to Play Vexana Revamp Mobile Legends (ML), it is very easy if you already understand this. Because the Revamp of this hero does feel really changed, it definitely affects your game well.

Moreover, for some of the new updates that are present in the Mobile Legends game, all of them really make players curious. Because in conditions like this too, players will immediately know if the new Revamp hero will change the meta very well.

Including the presence of Patch Note Rise of Necrokeep Mobile Legends, one of which is Hero Vexana, which is subject to major changes. Of course, Vexana, who used to be an Undead, has now turned into a very beautiful woman with the appearance of a true Mage.

Therefore, we must know 5 Tips to Play Vexana Revamp Mobile Legends (ML), so that later we don't use it wrong. Hero Vexana after receiving this Revamp did give a big impact, so you also have to understand how to use Skill properly.

Tips for Playing Vexana Revamp Mobile Legends (ML)

Understand Vexana Revamp Skill

Must be able to understand the Vexana Skill that has been Revamped first, because it does have an effect on you. Skill 1 will stay on the enemy, then give CC Area if the enemy is nearby that is affected by this skill later.

Then Skill 2 is still there, but the area is getting wider and the damage is getting sicker. Now Ultimate Vexana will summon a creature with a very large size, and can cause Magical Damage when it comes down from the sky. The monster will be there for a long time, and interfere with the enemy or attack him.

Tips for Playing Vexana Revamp Mobile Legends is Must Always Be in War

The skill from Hero Vexana is really good, especially when doing War to give clear distractions. Vexana's 1st skill is indeed quite good if the enemy is in war with a gathering state.

Especially if you have used the Ultimate Skill that summons Monsters, then those who are hit will be lifted a little by Stun. Then the Monster that Vexana summons will attack, then help the Tank or become a temporary Tank Substitute with the monster.

Farming First Let Level 4

My advice from Esports if you use Hero Vexana, as much as possible for Farming up to Level 4 first. So that we have backups from Ultimate, protect Vexana from deadly enemy attacks, of course.

Especially after knowing the current Buff on Lane Mage , it turns out to be very helpful for you so you can win. A position like this will really support, and make Vexana or Hero Mid have a Level 4 chance quickly.

Tips for Playing Vexana Revamp Mobile Legends is Close Together with Ultimate

If you are using Vexana, you must be able to get close to Ultimate, and actually, it is not too mandatory. For example, if you are in War, the distance is not too far from the Ultimate right now. The thing is that it will really help so that the monster doesn't mess up its movements.

If indeed your position is doing War, as much as possible do not let you go too far. The problem is that later Monster Ultimate can still help very easily so that your battles become even better.

Give it a Surprise Attack

When my Esports uses Vexana, it can give Surprise Attacks to enemies to instantly defeat them. Because with us hiding, use Skill 1 to make this enemy confused for a few seconds.

Then when the opponent is dizzy because of Skill 1, we can use Ultimate to give additional CC. Finish with Skill 2 which previously made your opponent die, because, with this surprising combo, it's really easy to play it.

After knowing the 5 Tips to Play Vexana Revamp Mobile Legends (ML), you will not be too difficult with such problems. Because indeed using these tips, it will help players get to know Vexanan better.

Then also know the Combo Hero Vexana Mobile Legends , in order to provide a much stronger attack. Because indeed the ability of Vexana which has Revamped with Combo is still the same deadly when you try it.

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