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Item Counter Kadita Mobile Legends 2022

Mobile Legends has released a lot of the latest updates that are very exciting for you to try. Even the presence of a 5 Item Counter Kadita Mobile Legends (ML), will make Hero Kadita not strong. Some of these selected items too, will certainly make Kadita more able to match her abilities.

Some Hero Mage do have the advantage of their Damage, very large and quite annoying when in War. Even the same as Hero Kadita who has a deadly skill, as well as enormous damage when hit by the enemy.

If the player understands Tips for Using Hero Kadita in Mobile Legends , surely this will feel very strong. But on the other hand, if you play the wrong game and you've been messed up from the start, it's definitely going to be difficult to get to the late game phase because of the uncomfortable position.

Moreover, if you use 5 Item Counter Kadita Mobile Legends (ML), the hero will be easy for us to fight. Because Kadita has several advantages in terms of skill and damage, of course the point counter associated with the item is quite important.

Item Counter Kadita Mobile Legends (ML)

Athena Shield

The first item that Kadita can counter is Athena Shield, a build item that can block mage damage. Of course with the ability of this item, it will dispel a large amount of Magic Damage and temporary defense when hit by the damage.

If I see that Athena Shield has a passive, when it is hit by a Magic attack it will issue a Shield. Then this Shield will reduce 25% of the enemy's Magic Damage for 3 seconds. The effect of this Passive will also appear once every 10 seconds, so it's good for Counter kadita.

In addition, it increases HP 600, Magical Defense 62 and 2 HP Regen every second.

Radiant Armor

Withstanding the damage that Kadita gives slowly, of course Radiant Armor is suitable for such a position. Because this item will increase Attributes such as HP 950, Magical Defense 52 and 12 HP Regen which players will receive later.

In addition, his unique passive called Holy Blessing, can counter Kadita's damage that comes repeatedly. The passive increases Magic Damage Reduction by 5-8 points after receiving Magic Damage. Lasts for 3 seconds, and we can up to a total of 6.

Dominance Ice

Then we can use Dominance Ice, so that Kadita's Passive Hero can't have a lot of Regen. The increase from Dominance Ice itself appears to Mana 500, 70 Physical Defense, 5% Movement Speed ​​and Cooldown Reduction by 10%.

The unique passive of Dominance Ice has the name Artic Cold, can reduce the opponent's HP and Shield Regen by 50%. Even the enemy's attack speed will also experience a reduction, when hit by a Hero who uses this spell.

Blood Wings

We can even use Blood Wings, so it's easy to counter Kadita's Hero by using Items. My Esports suggestion is that this M0bile Legends Blood Wings item is specifically for Magic Damage heroes, because it increases Magic Power 175 and HP 500 to the user of the item.

Then Blood Wings also has a Passive called Guard, you can receive a Shield with a total of 200% Magic Power. This shield will of course block a large amount of damage to your opponent, then when the shield is destroyed you have to wait 30 seconds before the code appears again.

Rose Gold Meteor

An item that will bring up a Shield when the hero's HP is getting low, of course the Rose Gold Meteor is good against Kadita. Because Kadita herself has a skill with high damage, you can hold off a little HP using the item attack.

The Rose Gold Meteor item will increase Physical Attack 60, Magical Defense 30, and 5% Physical Life Steal. The passive is called Lifeline where HP is reduced by 30%, then receives a Shield of up to 510 – 1350 Points depending on level. As well as receiving 25 Magical Defense for 3 seconds, this effect will be triggered every 40 seconds.

After knowing the 5 Item Counter Kadita Mobile Legends (ML), surely you will have no more difficulties in using the hero later. Because of Kadita's strong ability, we need to fight using some items like that.

Then in addition to the items we can also know the Hero Counter Kadita Mobile Legends, because this will really affect the battle. Already the counter hero has used this item, which means it's getting harder for Kadita to be strong to win.

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