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Tips Counter Karakter J Biebs Free Fire 2022

Free Fire has released a variety of the latest updates for interesting features and events for its current players. However, there are also 5 Tips for Counter Character J Biebs Free Fire (FF), which will make the character less strong. Because with this thick ability, it can't always protect in battle.

The presence of a new event in the Free Fire game, of course, makes us also know some other new things from here. Then the presence of some of the latest events that appear in the game will make a diverse impression after you try it.

Especially with the appearance of the New J Biebs Free Fire Character, this is a Collaboration character that comes with the upcoming Justin Bieber. As this new character, his abilities are Passive and will convert EP to high defense just as Vest reduces Damage.

However, using 5 Tips for Counter Character J Biebs Free Fire (FF) will make the character not really a problem. Since we will deal with it easily, even this will take a while to be able to do it later.

Tips Counter Karakter J Biebs Free Fire (FF)

Main Rush

The first tip that is indeed powerful enough to overthrow J Biebs is Main Rush, advancing with the barbarians without fear of anything. Even this ability is supported by the Best Free Fire Shotgun so that it is easy for us to attack the character.

Because this Shotgun attack has high damage, the reduction of J Biebs' Passive will also feel different. So that the defense can indeed be penetrated easily, as long as you do the attack very well.

Tips for Counter Character J Biebs Free Fire is Don't Give Time

If you've met a character who uses Skill J Biebs, you just don't want to give them time to survive or run away. Because this way they might recover Energy Points, even at the same time as HP will return to stability.

The problem is that the passive character of J Biebs without Vest is not a problem, as long as the Energy Points are collected up to 200 max. When found, just attack quickly and chase if necessary.

Use Something Explosive

Explosions will affect even thick defenses, maybe Esports I suggest you use something that explodes on a large scale. Because with things like this, the player's chance to win later will be fairly easy and fast.

The J Biebs that Esports I tried also turned out to be still lacking to withstand damage like this, so it's good for the counter. As long as you also understand the use of explosions properly, so that we don't get hit by the effects of the attack.

Tips for Counter Character J Biebs Free Fire is an Attack from afar

If you use Ranged Weapons in Free Fire, then use this opportunity to fight J Biebs. Because this will have a big influence on the players so that we can easily deal with it well.

Because the damage that will be inflicted by long-range weapons is indeed large and makes our position safe from the chaos of the J Biebs character.

Aim for Headshots As Much As Possible

If you face J Biebs, you have to be able to target the head continuously so that the passive skill will not work properly. Because the ability that will lead to this part of the Head too will definitely have a big effect on players who fight it too.

So that those of you who are already aiming for a headshot and doing critical attacks continuously, will immediately knock them out.

Because you already know 5 Tips for Counter Character J Biebs Free Fire (FF), of course it will help you to get to know this hero well. So make sure when you meet him, just use the counter to make it easier to deal with.

Then there is also Pet Hoot The Owl Free Fire , which will definitely make your character stronger. It will not be considered weak when dealing with enemies, because the ability of this Pet has shown the position of the enemy.

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