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These are the 8 Latest and Best Free Fire Roles 2022

There is a mandatory combination FF Role when playing Free Fire that you must try while playing. You must use this combination together with the free fire role so that it is easy to break FF

As we know, just like other battle royale games, of course, to build a strong team there will be several roles and different types of player play styles to complement each other's teams. This of course also has an effect on Free Fire.

Unlike playing solo or duo, playing squad really requires very compact and good cooperation compared to individual skills in Garena Free Fire. By having some cool roles and strategies, playing Free Fire with squad mode will certainly be easier for your team.

There are 8 Free Fire Roles consisting of Rusher, Shooter, Flanker, Support, Leader, Sniper, Tracker, and Hitscan.

Therefore, it is important to know the FF Combination Role that must be present when playing Free Fire, this is something you must know. Various kinds of roles will make you more effective in the game so that you can work together well.

Here we will provide a free-fire role team structure with different and very effective types of players. This increases you to get booyah free fire very quickly

These are the 8 Latest and Best Free Fire (FF) Roles

Role Free Fire RUSHER

The role of the FF rusher is to act as an entry fragger for free fire and to provoke the opposing team. Rusher really needs the best individual skills and very accurate aim. Rusher can invite enemies to come forward and create an opening for his team to surround and finish off the enemy.

So the role of rusher must be filled by players who are always ready and alert, and also have high courage to fight many enemies at once. Usually, as an entry fragger, the rusher will always get the first kill in his team in every fight.

The combination of Role FF characters that are suitable for rushers is Hayato, Joseph, or A124, or old characters like Kla. You can also use Jota free fire as a fierce rusher character. This is because the Jota Free Fire character skill fills the blood of every dead enemy. That is, the more enemies you kill, the more blood you get.


The task of a Role FF shooter is as a second entry or second fragger. With good aim, the shooter can finish off the enemy after the rusher destroys their playing tempo.

The shooter also has a duty as a sniper, which is to kill the enemy accurately without letting the enemy have a chance to fight back.

Free fire characters that you can use like Moco and Kelly are perfect for this role. This is because the skills of the free-fire characters make them strong as shooters in free-fire. What's more, Kelly experienced a free fire awakening last February 2020


The flanker free fire role is a FF player as a lurker. Flanker's task when compared to a MOBA game may be very suitable as an assassin.

Role FF flanker's task is to take advantage of the gaps and opportunities opened by the enemy and kill some enemies who are not ready.

Flanker free fire also has a duty as a secondary shooter/sniper with a strong aim, flanker is expected to help rushers and shooters do their job.

The combination of character roles such as Laura, Rafael, and Andrew is perfect for this role.


The role of a FF support role may be said to be the most underestimated role by players, but this is wrong. This role is very useful in your TEAM

Without free fire support, a team will be very difficult to play.

Support has many tasks such as healer, observer, intel gatherer, or suppressing fire. By giving pressure and other assistance, support is the main pillar of a team.

Free fire characters that are suitable for you to use for this role are Olivia and Paloma. Both of them have character skills that support them as role support in this free fire.

Role FF Leader

The leader is one of the terms for a leader because this is one of the roles that are quite important so that you can use it when competing in the Squad.

Because this Leader will lead the flow of the match, to be better and right. Leaders also have the most important role, so you can't ignore this role when playing Squad later.

All characters can become Role Leaders, it just depends on the player.

Role Sniper

Sniper is a weapon that is quite strong in the match against the enemies in the game. So the Sniper Role in this Free Fire Squad is indeed quite good for you to try later.

Not too focused on close-range matches, only this role must be at the safest combat distance. So that you guys can be even better when competing to support friends from a distance.

Laura will be more suited to holding this role because the skill to increase accuracy when shooting with Scope benefits the most.

Role Tracker

Tracking the enemy can be done by other Roles in the Squad, but if we want to be better then Rusher and Hitscan can use the Role Tracker for the use of 2 Roles that you can do later as well.

Because Tracker is a side of Role Hitscan or Rusher because it is in charge of telling the location and tracking the whereabouts of the enemy later. Of course, something like this is indeed quite useful for you to use later.

Moco, Shirou, and Clu characters can be relied on because their skills can show the enemy's position in the match.

Role FF Hitscan

Then you can try Role Hitscan, to make the Team able to have damage while fighting. Because we know that the role must continue to deal great damage without stopping its enemies.

So maybe the use of a role like this can indeed be put to good use. Make sure you guys later, have to get closer to the Role called Defender because that's the advantage of Hit Scan.

Wolfram and Kelly Awakening can be used in this role, that way you won't be afraid of lack of damage when competing against enemies.

By knowing this role of free fire, you must know how to play a role and play well in a free fire. After that, you can play with your friends and share good tasks.

Those are the 8 Combination FF Roles that You Must Have When Playing Free Fire that you can try. By following the ways to play using these roles, it is likely that Booyah's free fire will be even greater.

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