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Recommendations for the Strongest Heroes to Push Rank Season 25 Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends has now entered Season 25. In this new season, of course, every player will start competing again to rise to the highest rank, namely Mythic or Mythical Glory by doing push rank.

Well, to do a push rank in Mobile Legends , of course you need the strongest hero, right? Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss the recommendations for the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends that you can use to push rank in Season 25.

Recommendations for the Strongest Hero in Mobile Legends

To get these heroes, make sure you've done the Mobile Legends diamond top up first. Because to get these heroes you need to exchange a number of diamonds or Battle Points.

1. Ling

The first strongest hero for those of you who want to push rank in Season 25 is Ling. As the strongest Assassin hero , Ling has great abilities and can be relied on in the game.

Ling himself is one of the very agile heroes, with his abilities, you can rely on this hero as a team jungler. Even so, you need to know in advance how to use Ling , because this hero is quite difficult to beat.

2. Franco

Franco is the next best hero you can rely on to push rank in this new season. Franco is the best Tank hero who has great abilities and is useful in the game.

With his abilities, Franco can become one of the best Roamer heroes in the game. Even Franco also has skills that can be used to counter opposing heroes.

3. Xavier

The next best hero that you can use when push rank in Mobile Legends is Xavier. This Hero Mage is indeed famous for his great abilities and equipped with very strong skills.

Therefore, if you or your team have the opportunity to get this hero when picking a hero, then you must prioritize this Mage hero.

4. Karina

Besides Ling, Karina is another Assassin hero that you can really rely on when you push rank in this new season. As we know, Karina is popular because of META Tank , which had dominated the previous seasons.

Well, by using the Karina Tank build , this hero has strong mobility and very painful damage.

5. Beatrix

Another strongest hero that you can use when doing push rank in Mobile Legends is Beatrix. Beatrix herself is one of the Marksman heroes with very unique abilities.

Beatrix's own ability is to change the weapons she has into various modes. Well, because of that change, this hero is very useful in various situations in the game.

Well, those are some of the strongest heroes to push rank in Mobile Legends Season 25. Do you think there is your favorite hero or not?

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